volx – out of time

artist: Volx
Title: out of time
Keywords: out of time, electronic, ambient, experimental
Reviewer: B. Ullshit

Is it just me or is Volx’s track purposely made out of time? It puts the song in the genre of experimental, and we as listeners in the position of happy lab rats. It features an acoustic guitar and singing and comes across a bit tropical. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have endorsed a cocktail before writing this review, but hey..)
Strangely the music works very well out of time, and most likely is even better than if it would be played in time. The extra grown ear on my back was feeling it, while my left over ears where enjoying it a little bit later. I guess this out of time effect is a cure for cheesiness, as this track could have easily turned into a in time cheese fest. But it’s out of time and that’s totally fine!
I could probably write more about things, but I’m also running out of time. So if you have the time to hear the timeless/out of time experiment than the following link might help you in the right direction:

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