Colton Phillips – 2

Artist: Colton Phillips
Title: 2
Keywords: electronic, experimental

Listening to this makes me feel like a bunny in a tutu hopping around freely in an avant-garde cloud of experimental strangeness. Perhaps it isn’t even a cloud, but more the green landscape where also the Teletubbies live. We can jump around happily in the sun that giggles upon our faces, and when a hover starts to suck in the middle; it’s just an educational moment of how slight noise is made. After learning something we can all continue to jump around like pretty ballerinas bunnies.

In the second part we can hear a beat, synth pads and guitar strings or perhaps a slap bass.. I don’t know; I’m simply jumping more as if being on the moon; very high jumps and all in slow motion. Please don’t ask me why, but just come on over and jump. There is plenty of oxygen and space over here!

Oh and the last part? It’s like as if we had won a computer game or perhaps it is more a case of ‘game over, insert coin’ moment. Whatever it is, it is short and sweet like cotton candy.
Come on over bunnies and jump into the following link:

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