Amputacija Ruke – Digital Man

Artist: Amputacija Ruke
Title: Digital Man
Keywords: electro, electropop, video
reviewer: Mark X

From the creator of ‘Cyborgs On Crack’ comes his newest electro side project called ‘Amputacija Ruke’ (Arm Amputation). The first audio/visual encounter of this project comes in the form of a nifty fresh videoclip.

We can stare at colorful colors and at the face of the artist himself who sings the lyrics in front of a camcorder that was connected to a VCR, to record the whole session straight on VHS tape.

It’s his expressionless angry face and the military style look that is captured here that interest me. It’s punk but yet militant, which can also be heard back in how the artist is pronouncing the words rather mechanic and yet human.

The visual part when scissors appear to play around with the idea to cut the artist hand, I feel slightly uncomfortable. Please don’t amputate your arm or cut your hand; you need them to make more great music for us greedy listeners!

The thing is that this track ‘Digital Man’ is extremely contagious. I have no idea how the lyrics go, but I’m singing along even though the song had already finished playing. The melody and the chorus are simply how old school electro should sound like and it’s good fun to hear it made complete new!
ScoobiDoo, I think this could be a tune to get addicted too!
Check it out and salute the ‘digital man’ when you spot him:

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