Mario Conte – Overtones

Artist: Mario Conte
title: Overtones
format: CD (limited edition of 25 copies) / digital
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone,
label: Attenuation circuit / Zoff82
Mario Conte is focusing on the minimal side of dance music. It’s a side that is mostly overlooked at or in some cases praised too much. I try to keep my biased opinions somewhere in the middle. The thing with minimal music is that it only works when the music producer is completely into it. I mean in a spiritual and mental way the artist has to be one with his music to lead its listeners down that yellow road without letting them wander off and flatten some poisonous flowers under their wobbling feet.

It’s a one way direction that even though being so minimal in its approach, has to be moving enough to keep the listener focused or perhaps in some cases un-focused but somehow tight enough not to fall into boredom. Minimal dance music is an art that not every new kid on the block is able to create, and for some reason I feel it needs some knowledge of magic mushrooms to fully be able to produce this kind of music.

I don’t know Mario Conte and I have no idea if he is a fan of mushrooms, but for some reason his music seems to work well. Having enough changes at the right moments, even though it’s a true form of minimalism; I had no encounters of my mind wanted to do other things or suddenly feeling attracted to boredom.

It could have been perhaps more drugged, more weird, more deep, more psychiatric.. But this on its own is probably music that keeps the attention without the urge to meet dwarfs, rainbows and things that aren’t there. This is the kind of minimalistic dance music that touches this realm slightly; but is more in touch with reality, related to experimental club music that is not being played for a crowd with LSD drenched postal stamps under their tongues.

It’s to me sounding more as the minimal music for the control freak under us who want to let them-self go, without stepping through reality and who don’t really care about watching the colors of their dance partner’s aura. They want to focus on that yellow road, being entertained, feeling the tinkling of the music and give in to that by perhaps standing still or engaging in a very minimal dance. Letting go without totally letting go is also a true art form, also not something everyone can be a master at.

However ‘harmonic field #1’ might be a gateway drug to ‘harmonic field #2’ which has more capacities of indeed chatting up to someone who isn’t actually there, or indeed accidentally letting your urge to control slip once in a while. The yellow road is still the place to follow but there are little side lanes that you might want to check out while digging the rhythmic music.

The next phase though is exposable for people that are still balancing or the edge, but also people that dived already of the planet called ‘normality’. The first group of listeners can loosen up a bit over here; lower their shields of resistance & the last group can space out like little psychonauts. There is no directed rhythm in ‘organic wave part 1 & 2’ to guide us, the yellow road made way for fluffy open grassy fields that could be interpreted in whatever the listener wants really. Personally I chose this moment in time wisely to relax, chill out and fly a bit in earth’s orbit. (You know the usual flight…)

The last track ‘Modern Country aside’ is really one that would trick even the biggest control freak into a tripping music loving lunatic. The fun sounds and rhythmic progression that rattle friendly against and into each-other are like road crossings where sanity and insanity meets. Here we are all one, dancing in a noisy sound sample escapade that triggers everyone into a avant-garde technoid dancer with open ears to capture the recognizable but out of context sounding sounds! When we arrive at this stage I can only conclude that you don’t need mushrooms or a postal stamp under your tongue as the music by Mario Conte is enough to freak you up in the good way!

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