Bruwka – Bruwka

artist: Bruwka
title: Bruwka
cat: 8R002
keywords: sound art, minimalist, experimental, field recordings, natural noise, bruwka, 8kbps, lobit
label: 8Ravens

brukwa’s brukwa starts with a brukwa called ‘brukwa 1’. It is so short that it will leave ears before you can even spell the word ‘brukwa’. What will follow is not just a random track, it is lady’s and gents nothing less and nothing more than the follow up called ‘brukwa 2’. Isn’t it marvelous? Well if you are really, really, really, REALLY into some vague recording of someone talking in a second or so, it indeed might be marvelous. For others it just might be another case of a brukwa popping in and a brukwa popping out. But ‘brukwa 3’ is spectacular if you are into these kind of bruwka’s.. I mean it sounds like a speedy sound of someone holding a newspaper, probably reading rather quickly the latest brukwa news headlines. One of the headlines might be shouting that smoking ‘bruwka’ could make you high and jolly. Just listen to one of the lengthier bruwka’s on this bruwka record. Yes, I am talking about the famous ‘bruwka 4’ which sounds like the people behind the bruwka have enjoyed a bruwka together and are now singing their song while being as stoned and happy as a bruwka enjoy-er can be.
Good happy bruwka times indeed and the more you use bruwka, the more reason to legalize the bruwka’s in the entire world.

I mean just listen to ‘bruwka 5’, everyone should have a piece of those harmless bruwka’s.
And what about that track that follows? You know the world wide legacy track made of high grade bruwka material.. ‘Bruwka 6’.. Oh yes, perhaps bruwka 6 is the one considered a little bit too high for the ones who campaign against the use of bruwka, but I guarantee you that listening or using bruwka is strictly harmless. It only happens on really rare occasions that someone starts to trip so much that the door crackles start to sound musically like ‘bruwka 7’… Roll up a bruwka and share bruwka with your friends. Suck on that bruwka and do it in a responsible way. Here is a free link (before it gets banned by health lunatics):

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