The Pink Blob – on the beach with my best friend

indexArtist: The Pink Blob
Title: on the beach with my best friend
Video by: Sabine Bolk
Keywords: totally shit
Label: gattoblaster
Poem written by: just a Dude

On the beach with my best friend,
Performed by a special one man band.
His name is The Pink Blob,
Always good for a catchy flop.

He makes Mexican reggae so divine,
A perfect fit for munching caviar and wine.
It is better than listening to the regular folk,
especially with the video made by Sabine Bolk.

She interpreted Pink Blobs girlfriend ‘Blobine’,
something you would never have seen.
Drawn eyes on her chin,
do you fancy some gin?

Trust me my son,
The poetry here,
is not well done.

It’s just some bullcrap to fill up the space,
excuse my crappy chit chat;
that spits in your face.

If you are into musical poop,
Than this might be it.
This song is labeled:
‘totally shit.’

You might want to watch it on drugs,
Yeah I Know It Sucks.

This poem was written completely nude,
All for you by;
just a Dude.

Now please watch Sabine’s teeth,
While I post the movie with my feet:

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