Forever Lesbians – Sherry

artist: Forever Lesbians
title: Sherry
format: Spray-painted limited edition cassette / digital download
keywords: classical, lesbian, independent, tape music, folk, lo-fi, pop, weird pop, experimental, guitar, alternative
label: Little League Records / Third Floor Tapes

Forever Lesbians is a project by Con Shea, Blaise O’ Brien, Noah Burke and Will DiSerafino.
These names would probably not ring a bell, but once you listen to their album called ‘Sherry’ you would not want to miss out on any of the contributing members. They bring back the authentic feel good sound of independent tape music that sounds very lovable and honest.

‘how you feel’
is the first ever song that we can meet on this debut tape of Forever Lesbians. It’s original Lo-Fi fuzzy sound is the thirst thing that my ears notice. The music swings friendly with a warm glow touching the tickling drums and the sweet rolling guitar strings. It is a little bit of a surprise when the voice of Forever Lesbians comes in as it was breaking the magic a little bit with its more unexpected sharper approach. But after just a few seconds of mind adaptation they where blending in perfectly with the rest of the music; creating one light rolling song that is very likable. ‘How you feel’ makes me feel quite well, to be honest.

Deathwish // deathbed
Is another song by forever Lesbians. This one features lots of focus on the high-hats, a fine groove and all in a delicious low fi mood with singing that makes me think of going back in time to a place of flower pants and pink sunglasses.

‘Time Trials’
I don’t know what to say than that Listening to this feels like a timeless source of sweet balanced joy. Real music that has no complications or dramas and features some very open minded ways of singing that gives it a lovable sparkle. I feel a bit like walking on a second hand market where they sell new stuff that smells just like the old flavored stuff, but definitely a good catch; a bit like a raw diamond that you would be happy with when you find it and can’t wait to take it home.

‘Living Ghost’
For a strange reason this track seems to smell a bit like teen spirit and a radio head anthem. But than again completely very different, very muffled and warm. It’s probably the most potential single on the tape, hanging in between and doing their best to make people come together in the good way.

Is like a moment of sweet old days mixed with the good ones of the now. A track to take your baby on the damcefloor and twirl around in circles of low fi life. It’s fun.

‘Dog in the Yard’
Is also good fun to enjoy alone or with friends. Really nice and friendly hippy vibes that deserves a dance to celebrate. Show off your flares, flap your curtain dress around the table and have fun.

‘Worn out’
Is not as worn out as the title might suggest. But it is imaginable to be a great track to play when the sipping of Sherry might finally creeps up on you. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s just that the extra bouncy floor makes it easier to swing around.

‘Winter Snakes’
Cranks it up by raising the party with a warm relaxed swing before making us roll around on the enthusiastic form of fun loving music.

‘Bali Shag Palak Paneer’
Sounds like a good moment to take a little break from all the hippy dancing. We might now smoke some pot and share it with our friends, either real or imaginary.

Is the happy feel good ending of this lovable album on a tape. It’s really likable in all facets with well played authentic instruments and a very fitting fun loving honest sounding vocalist. I feel like we hadn’t had a closer encounter of the soothing side from the seventies than this meet up with the friendly sounding Forever Lesbians. Get this album on a fuzzy tape to completely endorse this perfect time capsule that I wouldn’t mind to be forever trapped in. Check it out, open up a bottle of sherry and get the tape at the following link:
or if you are interested in a digital copy, you can help yourself over at their own bandcamp page:

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