David Van Tieghem – ‘Ear Drums’

artist: David Van Tieghem
title: Ear Drums
video directed by: John Sanborn
year: 1979
keywords: experimental, percussion, toystory, movie

If you enjoy the sound and view of lots of toys, fireworks, bubbles and a rough piano playing cat,
the following video is one that should excite you to the very max!
Ear drums is conceived and performed by the legendary musician, performer , percussionist David Van Tieghem.

He has filled up theaters with his solo percussion shows throughout the universe and has a credible curriculum vitae featuring him as a freelance percussionist working with legendary names like Pink Floyd, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Mike Oldfield, John Zorn and tons more..
But in reality the biggest impressive artist name on this C.V. is of course his own name.

He got the style, the crazy creativity and the explorable and admirable taste of experimenting different ways of sound, rhythm and music. Something that is not only a joy for the ears but in most cases also lots of inspiration and fun to see and watch.

I hope you have some time today, because the following video directed by John Sanborn might cost you around 19 minutes of your precious time. You might want to go to the toilet first and add that extra soft pillow under your buttocks and prepare some popcorn before pressing that play button.

But it is definitely a must watch, especially if you enjoy the sound and view of rewindable toys, experimental percussive sounds, walking miniature robots, flashy lights, and that rough toy-piano playing cat.. It also features David Van Tieghem himself captured in his heydays of stylish handsomeness.

This is a movie that:
**Will inspire drummers, sound lovers, art lovers, music lovers & lovers in general
** Will entertain and baby-sit children so you can do something else
** Will make toy collectors explode of jealousy
** Will tickle your senses and make sure you are on the edge of your seat.
** Will make you fancy more of David Van Tieghem than you can handle!

Hope you are comfortable and ready to be entertained & inspired by David Van Tieghem’s long intensive feature film with the fitting name: ”Ear Drums’


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