Janne Nummela – Movements

artist: Janne Nummela
title: Movements
keywords: experimental jazz / contemporary classical, piano, compositions
label: Enough Records
reviewer: Mazart D’Angelo

There is this album that had been sitting in our waiting list for quiet some time.
it’s one of those albums that are difficult to review,
as its not easy to say something very entertaining about it.
It’s not the fault of the music, it’s probably the fault of just not knowing what to say.
I mean it is a genre that in my opinion can’t go terrible wrong.
Because even if there is a ‘mistake’, it’s experimental so it’s all fine.

You know: experimental jazz / contemporary classical music…

It’s an album by Janne Nummela with music composed on a manipulated virtual piano.
And even the virtual piano sounds good, so sound-wise there isn’t really anything to complain about.
The compositions come across like temporary ones that go for moments of carefully composed classical music, to a virtual zoo running around on the virtual piano keys. It makes me at one moment perfectly calm and on another moment; it totally gives me the feeling of running around on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

The album title fits the music, as ‘Movements’ is what each track is full off.
Some times it makes me feel like I’m hearing the background music of a Tom & Jerry cartoon and other times I can imagine an old school classical composer jamming on his day off; producing things free and far ahead of its time.

It’s quite nice to play when you are doing other things,
although it might make you nervous at time.

A composition like ‘Zen Killer’ deserves a movie build around it.

The album is a full length one with at least one hour and almost 13 minutes of music.
I have to be honest, half way I had to quit.

It’s not that I don’t like classical music.( I’m a big Vivaldi fan and Mozart’s Violin Concerto’s are always a welcoming guest over here.. )But half way at track 5 ‘Transformation‘ I really couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s just working on my nerves but not that it sedates them, but more that someone has been injecting me with liters full of classical caffeine and everywhere I look are these cat and mouse cartoons running around on a re-run.

If you want to make some kind of action movie, or a cartoon with animals chasing each other while trying to avoid falling pianos; than perhaps this album by Janne Nummela could be providing the soundtrack you where searching for.
I will crawl back to an early Erik Satie, or a dusty corner with lady killer Antionio Vivaldi.
I had enough of it, but if this is sounding like your ‘thing’ than here is a link to the album, available through (what a coincidence..) Enough Records:

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