rozovoje ghetto – zavtra stany hajdeggerom

artist: rozovoje ghetto
title: zavtra stany hajdeggerom
keywords: Yoba techno, neopop metanoizzze
label: Angry Arnold Records

rozovoje ghetto brings music in a genre that we had not yet covered before: Yoba Techno.
This genre is mixed with Neopop metanoizzze and the result is obviously a pink colorful blend of them too.
The ‘zavtra stany hajdeggerom’ release starts with a track called ‘parad’ which sets some kind of atmosphere that could be something to relax too when your mind is flying out of orbit.

You need it probably because when ‘rasizm i sexizm’ makes an appearance, you will instantly wake up in a sound experience you did not heard before. There are incredible fat sounds, nasty frequency sounds, deep base things and synth elements that we heard in dance tracks before; but are now living a life on their own. Creating some kind of extraterrestrial sound experience that even without a techno beat, keeps the ears occupied with audio freakery.

The third and also the last track dribbled in this new Yoba techno genre is ‘zavtra stany hajdeggerom’. It’s (after listening to the previous highlight) more like taking (and listening to) a cold shower, perhaps a cool down session to get rid off the heated heads searching for a possible beat.
If you wanted techno than search somewhere else,
if you wanted Yoba techno than seek no further:

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