Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley Shackleton – Split

fartist: Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley Shackleton
title: Split
cat: FCKSPL 006
format: Floppy Diskette, limited to 18.
keywords: noise, experimental
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

eThere is nothing better than listening to the early morning crackles.
They remind me of a fresh fire under a little Italian espresso machine.
The fresh heated water boiling up, passing through the thick layer of coffee powder.
The glorious transformation of water into a fresh espresso that drips in a cup,
ready to feed its drinker enough energy to do whatever it needs to do.
It’s an ritual that you shouldn’t really miss out on,
but there might be circumstances that it is simply not possible to do it.

Luckily artist Robert Ridley-Shackleton created a wonderful little tune called
“Eye Wonder Flu”.
When listening to it, it almost feels as if you are listening to that well loved espresso ritual.
You can hear the water boiling, moving up and transforming.
I know it isn’t real, but I could swear to even smell the fresh brew of espresso coming from the sound of this track. The result might not be a cup of caffeine, but just the excitement of hearing the process is enough to wake up and feel wonderful.

an early morning drawing by Robert Ridley-Shackleton

an early morning drawing by Robert Ridley-Shackleton

I know it isn’t included on this release, but you might want to check out Robert Ridley-Shackleton’s early morning paintings. They strangely go very well with listening to ‘Eye Wonder Flu’.
Play it on repeat and enjoy…

But Robert Ridley-Shackleton is not the only one that you’ll get to hear when you have this floppy in your hands. He shares the space with a noise, experimental lo-fi multimedia artist Michael Ridge who is better known as the one and only Zebra Mu! He has been active since 2006 and tells us on his official website that his project has evolved from using circuit bent toys and keyboards to primarily using junk metal instruments and modified sound processing equipment.
The result on his side of this floppy diskette is probably a great example of his sound art. His track ‘Whip Fried’ is the polar opposite of the early morning sounds of the espresso crackling experience by Robert Ridley-Shackleton, but yet fits perfectly as a great hyped up oddball of energy.
wwThe track whistles and flutes like a Tarzan who speaks through the point of a boiling tea kettle. It’s sounding like it is a sound that invites us all to jump up and down on the couch, tables and swing around on the hanging lamps in the living room. It has this robust raw form of energy that fries us all up and whips us on our way!

Robert Ridley-Shackleton and Zebra Mu are on this split like a perfect team. When Robert Ridley-Shackleton gives the listener something to wake up too, ‘Whip Fried’ by Zebra Mu provides the sound of being wide awake and ready to go out and face the crazy world that we live in!
Get this amazing floppy diskette split by these two talented artist from the UK, through the Hungarian label Floppy Kick:

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