Jesus. It’s A Musical! – a thoroughly modern nativity

Artist: The Dreamsociety
title: Jesus. It’s A Musical! – a thoroughly modern nativity
keywords: a modern musical
words by: Question Mark

As we don’t care in what timezone you are living at the moment, we just claim this day as if it’s a Sunday. You know Sunday is for some of us a day of rest, and for some others a magical day to dress up in your finest clothes and follow the bells that you can hear coming out of a local church.

In case you are not one of those people and have to a certain degree an interest into what motivates them to visit this house of god, you might take a look in this best seller of a book called ‘the bible’.
But in case you are scared of tiny letters, (or books in general) it might be an obstacle to find the information you need through literature.

There are plenty of Hollywood blockbusters out there, based on that book. But you know Hollywood is full of special effects and execrations. But let me inform you that one of the prominent main characters in the book is a hero named Jesus Christ. He is an icon worldwide well known for his resurrection skills, the ability to walk over water, being kind and forgiving, prefers wine instead of water… Even if you never have visit church, did not read the bible or watch one of the blockbusters; you must have heard of him somehow!

Anyway to cut a long story short, the people from the Dreamsociety wanted to liberate the illiterate and the easily bored by providing the story of the birth of Jesus in a form that everyone could understand. A well-researched and narrated easy to follow modern musical, perfectly cut in short chapters with catchy songs to sing and dance along with.

Directed and written by Rosie Jones, Music by The Yuya, Oo is an Instrument, T23 and The Psychedelic Circus and The Bombanellas. starring Robin Harvey as The Virgin Mary, Constance Dairymple as Al Mighty and Bloem de Wilde de Ligny as Joseph. with special geust appearances from “Frog” as The Angel Gabby Brill,”Eli Soardi” as The Holy Host and “Sharney Nougher” as Saliva Back.

Here is the first episode in which we meet Al Mighty (the big producer in the sky) who comes through a musical song and a dance to the conclusion that ‘a star must be born’!

If you hunger for knowledge served in the musical way is still not fulfilled, than please feel free to watch episode 2. In this episode big Al Mighty is searching the nation in preparation for the insemination:

In the third episode of this educational and entertaining musical we meet up the the Virgin Mary, who happens to be a hermaphrodite stand-up comedian. Her she sings with passing her theatric emptuing rendition of her showbizz hit ‘The Mighty Hermaphroditey’:

In episode four ‘The Annunciation’ we meet up again with Virgin Mary who  gets a visit from an angel called Gabby Brill who informs her that she will be having a threesome with Al Mighty and The Holy Host.
(you can’t make it up, really.. I swear I’m just copy pasting the information that comes with the video..)

In the fairly erotic episode 5 we are invited to the audio and sexy visualization of ‘The Immaculate Conception’. Somehow I feel like this musical is on the edge of a soft porno.. All for the purpose of education of course.. watch and hear it to believe it:

In the next episode our strange erotic feelings might instantly disappear to make place for a slight nightmarish chapter. Moing sofa’s, dancing dolls and of course the tit and face wearing King Hemroid…

Episode 7 is largely dedicated to Joseph who sings his song and also plays the saxophone to satisfy the stars…

With this spectacular performance of Joseph and the knowledge that all these pieces of musical information might take some time to comprehend and store in the brain.. This is the responsible end of this post with all these chapters easily findable for your interest. Come back, visit often and dance and sing or get inspiring make-up ideas along the way!
To be (dis)continued…

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1 Response to Jesus. It’s A Musical! – a thoroughly modern nativity

  1. Linda says:

    I use Sundays to get over hangovers…. I was a bit scared that this musical would demand too much from my tormented brain, especially as I’m not a musical fan, but the songs are real nice! I nearly sung along with Virgin Mary.
    And it is made really nice, so much creativity! (although I lost the plot after the first episode)

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