Benge – Sulieo

Artist: Benge
Title: Sulieo
Keywords: electronic, experimental, abstract, modern synthesis,

Benge’s Sulieo is technically speaking a pure delight for anyone into modular synthesis and programmed sound. It is the core and the pure essence of this record. It starts with a track called ‘Thro’ which comes across to me like it’s the synthesizer version of a didgeridoo that slowly but surely seduces the ears in some kind of strange trance. A trance that is needed to go through the next tripped phase of the spacey modern synth exploration. In ‘Biets’ we are clearly seduced in a modern and futuristic sounding experimental techno work.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is one called ‘nute’. It’s really hypnotic and seems to be in balance with the entire universe. A perfect track for practical synth meditation, something that will do its best to be a friendly experience.

More dark in sound is ‘stass’; a track that is as mysterious as it’s ambitious in draping our ears in a form of ambient that makes me think of a form of satisfaction after a nutritious murder. Yes, I am aware that this description doesn’t make much sense; but the music is nice though.

A very minimal soft and warm form of sweet repetitive sound comes soaking with us in the ‘thub’ track.
A darker smooth synth flips in and flops out for a accentuating Ying and Yang form of balance.

A track named ‘Glasz’ couldn’t have had a better fitting name. It sounds pretty and crystal-like. Just close your eyes and you will see pretty sparkles, perhaps a glassy world where ballerinas dance slowly a dance of fragility and beauty.

With a track named ‘Dune’ we are more and more sinking in a lucid state of modular hypnosis. The artist keeps everything modern and sweet and it’s like the sound in itself is a form of life trying to sync up with our mind waves. It’s a pretty tingling feeling.

The last track is one called ‘clocs’, another highlight in electronic seduction. It’s a track that works the brain in the friendliest way possible. A very minimal way to go where only the necessary things are presented . The result is like enduring a hypnosis that rips bad vibes into pieces and only leaves our mind with pure purity.

What can I say more? If you are into programmed modular synthesis and want to be hypnotized by the magic of its sound than you will probably enjoy this album very much. Here is a link;

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