Hahaha Etc – Hahaha Etc

Artist: Hahaha Etc.
title: Hahaha Etc.
format: limited edition cassette
keywords: experimental, rock, beats, electronic, electronica, hip-hop, instrumental, noise, pop, psychedelic, surf, synth
label: Swan City Sounds
reviewer: Dhr. A. Nus

Hahaha etc. is not a laughing matter. It’s not pie-throwing slapstick or stomach pain inflicted by laud giggles. Hahaha etc. is music and dedication to bring you the very best of the repertoire of Hahaha etc. The release information for this nice cassette album informs us that this is the result of 10+ Years culmination of electronic meanderings, a piece of information that I take seriously after hearing this fine tape. You better not laugh, as Hahaha etc. Is a master of time trickery on this in general smooth record.

Hahaha etc. is probably shaking his own hands of satisfaction when listening to the results captured on this album. Hahaha etc. knows how to make the perfect tracks for such a perfect format. This makes this tape a perfect thing to play in the car for a long drive or on your Walkman while you go out for a walk or perhaps an attempt to go jogging in the park.

Hahaha etc. touches upon different styles and elements but somehow manages not to be in your face. Every track is a perfect match that passes by so quickly that it’s like entering some kind of electronic time warp. This album might be thirty minutes in length but the music makes it feel like it’s just three minutes. That’s how smooth the music of Hahaha etc. is over here.

It’s probably because of the diversity in sound, but yet consistency in a certain trademark style of the artist.
It’s like some kind of dream pop without being pop, it’s experimental without being too experimental, it’s electronic music without sounding like a stiff robot. Hahaha Etc. Sounds like its own thing and the only thing that describes it the slightest is that word called ‘smooth’.

Hahaha etc. Is probably well oiled after the ten years of culmination of electronic meanderings and that is probably what makes and breaks this tape probably. The good side of this smooth phenomenon is that the music flows like a delicious block of natural butter, the bad side (if there is such a thing?) is that there is no track (an exception is perhaps the fun sounding ‘5th grade’ tune) that wants to get stuck in your head. It all moves on as if they are on roller-skates sliding from the beginning of side A, all the way to the end of side B. The jazzy electric beats that make an appearance somewhere might be something to remember, but in general it’s just really nice and well-made cultivation of pretty electronic music.

Despite no real single or a memorable hit, this tape by Hahaha etc. Is really a good listen and fine companionship on your daily travels? Every track showcases a great skill of electronic music creation and beat programming. All kind of variations and styles with some unexpected things that pop up like odd samples, reversed things, and those jazzy beats that seemed to surprise me earlier on. It’s a safe record that probably will be liked by anyone that gets it in the ears. Good for chilling out and to decorate the landscape while driving in the car or relaxing at home. Nope, despite the artist name there are no laughing salvos over here; just good electronic music for people who like em’ smooth!
Get a copy of this pretty tape with fascinating artwork from the Swan City Sounds label over here:

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