jjoth – Kohanka & Nebo

Artist: jjoth
title: Kohanka & Nebo
cat: 8R081
keywords: experimental, antitechno, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

It’s always a real pleasure presenting a work created by the underground experimental sound artist Jjoth to you and our other dear readers. I bet that you are already a registered fan of the Jjoth fanclub, right? Or what about the fabulous 8Ravens netlabel? Did you know that this label is run by this living underground legend?

8Ravens is a legendary legend among lobit friends and lovers of the genre, it is well known for its tight but ground breaking concept of purely focusing on releasing music encoded in 8kbps. It can be mono or stereo, but whatever it is; it’s always awesome!

To count one + one together you will end up with two things to be excited about: Jjoth + 8Ravens = strikingly gold! So what does this piece of math and cheery introduction wants to tell us all? Simple! It was the highest times of the year to finally let you all know about a release by Jjoth that has been released on the 8Ravens label!

The name of the work is ‘Kohanka & Nebo’ which is a nice title, I’m sure you’ll agree.
But the music! The music people! It’s all about the music and the experimental minds that deliver these greatest pieces of joy!

So how does it sound like you might wonder.. A question that is easy to answer; it sounds great! It starts with a little moment to inhale and take enough air before the work really enforces it’s magical power upon the unexpected listeners.

The Anti-Techno king has arived!

Here it is captured, a pure form of rhythmic energy so raw and yet so divine that you can feel it rushing up your senses. This is the music that your mother and father wanted to warn you for, this is the stuff that you can sniff with your ears without the possibility of overdosing!

This is Jjoth playing a synthetic melody through the hyper mood, this is your school teacher’s biggest nightmare, and this is the stuff that they don’t want you to see or hear! this is the moment that you have been waiting for! Move out of the way Michael J, because This Is It!!

And it’s free, quickly downloadable, and efficient and (just like Chucky) ready to play! Grab Jjoth’s Kohanka & Nebo over at the following link and eat it!

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