Space Bear – Goof Afternoon

artist: Space Bear
title: Goof Afternoon
format: Limited Cassette tape
keywords: experimental, rock, drunk, electronic, fuck the man, garage, noise, psychedelic, punk, punk rock, surf
label: Swan City Sounds

Space Bear.

This space bear obviously doesn’t care much for honey. Unless the honey is a code word for some kind of psychedelic medications or herbal relief that you can inhale while binge drinking alcoholic juices straight extracted from rotten fruits and nicked human made alcohol products.

Space bear might prefer hanging out in bars, with occasional bar fights (space bear always wins..). The forest simply doesn’t sound like the hippest place to be, except perhaps in winter time when Space Bear goes for his usual winter sleep (also known as ‘rehab’).

Of course Space Bear would love to hang out at bars in other galaxies, planets and space stations but as he doesn’t have the right papers and the ability to travel with the speed of lightening; he will be at the local bar or club until they have to drag him out. Most times when space bear can’t walk straight on his legs and neither on his arms and legs the mutual drinkers would just drag him in front of the bar as a dysfunctional carpet.

He likes his boost, his drinks, and his regular hallucination of extra extraterrestrials and of course Space Bear likes his music. Don’t we all love music? But Space Bear only likes the music that is like him, music that fits and compliments his lifestyle.

Space Bear’s favorite tape

Space Bear only listens to Space Bear. His favorite Space Bear tape ‘Goof Afternoon’ goes wherever Space Bear goes. Bar owners who dare not to play Space Bear’s favorite cassette while he visit and drinks their booze are up to a challenge. How heavy Space Bear is when sitting on top of a bartender is not something you want to joke with, really! But why being difficult, after all Space Bear’s music taste isn’t bad and might actually boost the sales and the atmosphere at the bar.

In fact Space Bear is probably the best customer you could wish for and the music of the band with the similar name is a combination you just really can’t miss out on.
If you see Space Bear don’t you worry to buy him a drink and perhaps bring yourself a copy of that tape and make a new friend for life!
Get the tape of Space Bear over here:

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1 Response to Space Bear – Goof Afternoon

  1. Linda says:

    Very nice straight-on-to-the-bar-stuff!

    There’s just this question boggling my mind: why are all these tape releases so short? The cool part about cassette tapes is that they, unlike CDs and Vinyls, are not a restricted medium and could be kilometers long. Ok, in theory; in practice they should fit the cassette. And this space bear punky music would probably not suit a 90 minute listening session (there is a limit to my beer intake).

    Do you maybe know what the longest tape release ever is? And is it any good? Did anyone ever connected two 120minute tapes successfully to get 4 hours of music? Maybe you’d have to tweak the cassette system, like using a tape reel out of the cassette… (something tells me my mind is wondering off too much about this……. and that I am supposed to do other stuff right now… ok ok back to work).

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