Pogohm – Dr. Faget

Artist: Pogohm
Title: Dr. Faget
cat: SPOptic014
Keywords: active music video of nicked videos, happy hardcore, breakcore, drum n base,
Label: SPOptic http://www.sprecordings.com/spoptic.html

Are you ready for some aerobics? Or if that isn’t your thing; perhaps some freestyle dancing? If you need examples on how to move than do not worry; the following music video is full of scrambled nicked clips on how to pull faces, what to wear and most importantly how to move to the actual music that comes with it.

‘Dr Faget’ is full of ideas that could make you healthy or at least burns your calories by just watching others doing things. It might make you happy like that jolly chimpanzee, or it might just make you happy to see Super Gregg and the bold headed captain of the Enterprise enjoying the moment.

If you are a visual person yourself and just want this beat orientated piece of fun on your greedy download folder than move yourself to the activity of clicking on the word ‘click‘ and you will find it with other fine active tracks available for free download. Perfect for running around like a maniac or running to catch a train. Before I wander off in ultra speed, here is the video for Pogohm’s Dr. Faget:


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