irrlicht project – tekknomixx16k

Yes, it might be tiny.. But this is indeed the original cover of irrlicht project's tekknomixx16k. (every release on the Lome Netlabel has a cover of 80 x 80 pixels... nice isn't it?

Yes, it might be tiny.. But this is indeed the original cover of irrlicht project’s tekknomixx16k. (every release on the Lome Netlabel has a cover of 80 x 80 pixels… nice isn’t it?

Artist: irrlicht project
title: tekknomixx16k
keywords: minimal techno (16kbps,mono)
label: Lome

Irrlicht project was wishing the Lome netlabel well inside a note that came within a net-release. To quote what the artist had to say, we can copy and paste the following:




And that’s exactly what the Lome netlabel did. It stopped its activities mysteriously and although it’s still findable, it could have been buried under the ground to stay there forever. Like a dead body hoping for someone to dig it up.

What else did the note of Irrlicht project say? By yet again applying the copy + paste technique we are able to find it out quite sufficiently. Irrlicht project wrote:
This track has been sitting on my harddrive forever, but only now have i found the perfect place to release it! :))))

That’s cool because Lome was/is not just a normal netlabel; it is a netlabel that has rules! Not so much as in ‘brush your teeth before listening’ or ‘put of your shoes before downloading’, but more in a technical production kind of way. Next to set each of its releases to a strict data limit in size, the Lome label is specific in releasing music in pure mono & if that’s not enough; in the 16kbps lobit-rate. So not every random lost and found tune or album could suit the label, but in all coincidence, ‘Irrlicht project’ his track had all the criteria to make it possible to find it a welcoming home on Lome.

Now as we might start to fear that this netlabel has died, the releases that the label in its short existence had released are like pretty jewels that you want to have (and you can!) and secretly want to be a part off. Just looking at the label page on the website makes my throat dry from sweet nostalgia.

This release by Irrlicht project is exactly what it’s title implies. A solid minimal ‘tekknomixx16k’ which is wonderful if you like a beat in that glorious mono 16kbps sound. It’s a rhythm good for some comfortable but drastic pounding. Lome worshippers went practically down on their knees to get their hands on this track when it was released. But as Lome was and is more underground than your great, great, great grandmother it happened to be downloaded just 19 times.

Here is where you can come in and make a difference. Download it a couple of times (no need to go on your knees) and perhaps take a look at all these other glorious hidden Lome classics. Producers and projects with prominent names like ‘The Pink Blob’, Jjoth, genetic trance, graffiti mechanism, first contrarian church. Blobine, Microbit Project and even more.. They are all waiting for you, to be dug up with a shovel or a simple click of a digital mouse.
Here is a link to Irrlicht project’s tekknomixx16k, have a good day:

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