Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR – Undervater EP

Artists: Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR
title: Undervatar EP
keywords: experimental
label: Haze Netlabel
reviewer : Willem van O.

Sonvol starts this record with something that sounds like some warm static radio noise and a female voice that wants to whisper something, but I can’t make out what she wants to tell us. Perhaps something like ‘psst go back, before it’s too late..’ Who knows? Perhaps the lady trapped in the noise? But unfortunately that isn’t much of a help is it?

What follows is another track by Sonvol. This time we are dealing with the content behind a title named ‘Za Dar’ which sounds as exotic name wise as drinking tequila with a dead worm floating in the bottle. Listening’s wise I really feel like it is a must to get my hands on some vodka instead. Not that it will help translating the language that my ears are hearing while the artist zaps through different channels, but somehow it seems appropriate to do so. Cheers!

Sonvol’s third track ‘Underground She Zhivi V Ex-YU’ is more mysterious. It sounds to me as if Sonvol has captured a late night moment of a dark old bizarre horror movie without capturing any of the horror movie. Just the hiss of the screen and some warm tones that are just enough to get the imagination thinking for the worst.
A calm moment before blood splatters?

I was kinda right, as the next track named Zlonervozno by Patej is sounding like a moment of stabbing action. It can be anything but my mind came up with some mad maniac chopping away with rusty knives.

Luckily Sonvol returns with more zapping through other people’s broadcasted sounds. There is all these crazy music going on and it feels like everything is playing through each-other and basically tumbling over in a state of drunkenness. At this point you wish you didn’t go for that tequila or vodka a bit earlier on. This must be pretty terrifying to hear when being under the influence of alcohol, even sober it’s pretty much of a mindf#ck.

Lucky enough is Sonvol’s ‘Underground She Zhivi V Ex-YU (59)’ less destabilizing as this is like listening to soft warm noise that stays pretty calm and stable; just like listening to sand close to a swamp.

Than it rains and we hear some people having a conversation. They are I believe inside and the actual recording is warm and safe.

For the last time Sonvol brings another warm piece of ambient noise. It is called ‘Underground She Zhivi V Ex-YU (26)’ and is dark but yet very pleasant. Very short too, but hey it’s free!

And length wise the track by VeDaKR would make everything alright. We can swing out with some old sing along soft rock in the English language. It’s probably captured from a tape or a crunchy radio, but it’s like having a good time with the authentic Lo-fi sound. The artist switches to another act that is of a complete different upbringing and sounds a bit sinister. It’s like VeDaKR switches the sides of a tape and going a bit mental with it contrast wise. We hear buttons being pressed in search for more music to play for us in this recording and I must say for an alternative deejay set; this music got me captured from beginning to its end.

The last track is an extra take and sounds like Sonvol changed its name into Sonervol for the occasion
The track ‘Underground She Zhivi V Ex-YU (extra take)’ is a graceful end of this conceptual experimental release that I thought was pretty entertaining, although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else would think that it was just complete shite.
Hear it over here:

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