Pllxsk – EP

Artist: Pllxsk
Title: EP
Cat: ER103
Keywords: experimental , noise, dark ambient
Label: Effluvia Recordings

If by any chance you are a music maker, or perhaps an aspiring noise producer, or just a lunatic with an answering machine and a record option on a telephone; you might want to inform yourself that Effluvia Recordings has reopened its doors for all kind of demos and forms of music.

Effluvia Recordings is open minded but not open minded enough to receive your stuff through telepathy, so be sure to send it their way one way or another if you want to join this happy family. But let’s not forget why we are here, it’s about meeting the latest family member: Pllxsk. Or perhaps it isn’t really one person but more a love child between two prominent underground artists.

One is the ever so social and creative Pollux from France. Dribbling in all kinds of electronic music and never scared for ground breaking experimentation. The other artist comes from the USA and is a prominent and well known force in noise; the one and only RedSK Both artists live through their sound output, leaving a huge trace of themselves wherever you will find their ‘music’.

You can call them prolific, harsh, crazy, great, or nothing but there is no way you can say these two artists arent real. Just by following their works from a distance in underground land you know that they are the ones who live their art and are ‘the real deal’. It is great that they mixed their forces together to give birth to ‘Pllxsk’. Better honest parents this project simply couldn’t wish for!

The release made by Pllxsk starts with a track called ‘Fleurs’. Inside it we can hear someone (probably Pollux) who speaks in a native tongue French something that sounds poetic, romantic and yet so organic. I believe it is something about the wonderful smell of flowers, but as my language skills are lacking; it can be anything. But it does sound romantic and poetic, as if Pllxsk whispers it in the night to a sleeping loved one.

With ‘Wild Jah’ I fall in love as a listener. There are what sounds to me the cluttering sounds of empty glass bottles, lovely noise that sounds for its kind very bright and crystal clear. There is some soft hammering on I believe a construction of iron pipework from probably a staircase or a fence.
It’s all together a very relaxing piece that even though it has not the norm and instruments we could expect from an ambient work; the feeling is that it is as ambient, but performed with sounds and slight lightweight pretty noise. A theatric track that feels nice to listen too, really.

Than the third track appears and appeals with soft sounds that seem to go in a warm rolling flow that meets soft ambient tones that are bleak and yet warm at the same time. To me it feels like watching an old classic black and white romantic Hollywood movie; a moment of exchanging kisses in a dark alley.

In the last track we arrive at the side of Pllxsk who gives us a ‘bloody Fuckit’. We meet distortion, beats, strange atmospherically fucking of sounds that will teach us kindly that you can’t fuck with Pllxsk, Pollux or RedSK as they will fuck with you!

After hearing the whole release I’m feeling sad that the release is finished. But glad to share it with you at the following kinky link:

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