Awwas – The Quagga Killers

Artist: Awwas
title: The Quagga Killers
keywords: passionate mating sounds of the Quagga performed on guitar
words by: Willem van O.

Turn of the 1990’s and the rare quagga was no more. Half zebra, half human or some wild breed apart on its own, the quagga was hunted to extinction by white settlers in East Africa in the late 19th century. When zebras were first described as a species, the differences in striped patterns were not well known, nor the distinction between some of the now accepted species. The quagga was one such species which had the appearance of being a zebra for the front, striped half of the animal. But the stripes faded to brown on the haunches of the beast. Though plentiful enough before white settlers came to the plains, home of the quagga, those settlers hunted them to extinction. Only a few photos and a stuffed hide or two are all that still exists of these now lost equine.

This is the information that came with the following  video we stumbled upon in the music zone of youtube. I presume ‘The Quagga Killers’ and specifically the Quagga on its own are the inspiration to the music that the Quagga in the video is performing. It’s nice that the video contradicts its own description by showing that not all Quagga’s are extinct, or at least one has survived to tell this horrible story of the killing of his Quagga relatives.

Yeah I Know killing Quagga’s isn’t a thing to take the piss on, or laugh about; it is a sad and terrible thing to do. But to take a pessimistic look to the bright side; if the Quagga Killers didn’t do their thing, we would probably never see and hear Awwas dressed as a Quagga playing his passionate guitar.  A thing that I personally really didn’t want to miss out on.
Here is Awwas performing The Quagga Killers:

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