Computer Suspect – Aʞrótata (Miniature)

IMAG1591Artist: Computer Suspect
title: Aʞrótata (Miniature)
cat: FCK 002
format: Floppy Diskette (limited edition of 18)
keywords: electronic, experimental
label: Floppy Kick

The floppy fetishists are really getting wet down and dirty with labels like SP, Diskette Etikette, Floppy Noise and now the ever so tasteful and consistent label; Floppy Kick!
Obtaining those diskettes is like buying little jewels, you want to keep them in a special place, perhaps next to your bed so you can stare at it all night long. But don’t you forget that it is not only about the outside beauty, as true beauty is within.IMAG1578A great example is the release done by the state of the art experimental project from Greece ‘Computer Suspect’. It is nice to look at, but soundwise it really literally gives the listening listener a fulfilling feeling of pure euphoria. It is difficult for me to describe what this music does to me, but it is clear that it is the stuff that sits well in the ears and is listenable on repeat and each time it comes; will still sound fresh like a well lubricated space experience.

I can’t get it out of my head to talk how uplifting this is sounding. Computer Suspect really did the lucky listener the tremendous honor to teleport the mind slowly but surely into a state of good euphoria. It is like the highlight that you aim for while having intimate ‘sexy times’, but than captured in a very nice and delicate piece of audio. No annoying screaming or dirty bed stains, just pure wide awakening liberation and endorphins popping all out over the place.

If that is not enough to gather your attention, than you might want to know that the floppy also comes with bonus material. It is the content of the floppy but in a higher bitrate that gives the same tingling pleasurable feeling, but yet feels entirely different. I personally prefer the lower and deeper version that is the original, but as all human bodies and sexual tastes are not the same; it is great that Computer Suspect gives everyone a choice when deciding to go for this orgasmic like experience.

Get this and your satisfaction will be satisfied. Liberate your libido and go for the fine art of sound produced with care and exclusively available through the floppy label; Floppy Kick.

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