Zebra Mu – Small Talk

Artist: Zebra Mu
Title: Small Talk
Keywords: circuit bending, analog noise, harsh noise, experimental, noise

When you go for some small talk with UK based multimedia noise artist Zebra Mu, you might not get cookies and milk with your conversation. In fact it is probably not a conversation as Zebra Mu’s sounds will do all the talking. You just sit still, with a little twisted smile on your face, glued close to the speakers that for the occasion functions as the mouth of the artist.

Straight upon introduction Zebra Mu goes for a pleasant, yet mindfucking form of small talk. He calls it ‘PSS 140’ and I call it (for no apparent reason) ‘terrorized lemons squeezed out in the earlobes’.

The small talk of Zebra Mu gets interesting and almost expressive as he enthusiastically chats in a noisy way his love for the ‘feedbacker’. It is loud and noisy and might hurt a little, but yet at the same sane time keeps the one sided communication fair and uncompromising.

Egalitarian Appeal’ is another subject Zebra Mu shows great knowledge off. Here we can hear him squashing and pulverizing our hearing capabilities with Nast knowledge. Isn’t it fun to be educated and noise wise kind of penetrated?

With ‘the Classic Bend’ Zebra Mu seems to have captured a way of digital communication that reminds me of the sounds coming out of a half breed made up from a rat and a parrot. In this case this creature is baked and fried alive in a shimmering pot of hot noise.

How’s the weather? Oh yeah, Zebra Mu’s small talk ain’t got no time for that kind of shit.

It’s time to face ‘Junk Guitar Hero’ instead. It tickles and scratches a bit, it might actually trigger the neighbors calling up the police if you let Zebra Mu’s sound out too loud. It sounds like someone is screaming although it might actually be a guitar who screams for help.

‘Interconnection’ is another kind of small talk. It is more like buzzing meets arcade meets bagpipe music.
It’s good to bring a dictionary with you while listening to Zebra Mu expressing himself.

With ‘a postmodern twang’ we can have an exciting explosion of pure gibberish talk. A entertaining salvo of noise talk that sounds as jolly as a bird singing on a mix of steroids and protein.

Zebra Mu isn’t let out ears go as the following ‘accidental circuit interaction’ need to happen in the middle of the listeners skull. It’s noisy and reminds me of partaking in a customer & dentist situation. Heavily sedated which makes it not an unpleasant thing listenings wise.

We meet up with ‘Junk Guitar Hero’ and the poor thing is sounding now like a panicked dinosaur that screams but has little hope for survival.

‘Composing inside electronics’ is Zebra Mu probably doing exactly what the title implies. It’s like rattling rushed lasers fisting through the sensitive parts of electronics. Exciting stuff that also makes you feel lucky not to have been bend over to be subjected to your internal organs being twisted through creative circuit bending.

What? Oh nothing.. Just some ‘Small Talk’. This is also the last tune on this release. It tickles the ears once again and leaves us like a ‘good morning are you okay? Yeah I am fine and you? Great!’ Small talk conversation.

Enough of my small talk? Perhaps move over to hear Zebra Mu’s noisy small talk over at the following link:

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