Bath Toys – Bath Toys EP

Artists: Bath Toys
Title: Bath Toys EP
Keywords: experimental, garagepop, lo-fi, surfpop, garagepunk, punk, surf

Bath Toys made a EP named Bath Toys. When we hear the first track the Bath Toys ramble and splash like a punk band rocking out on a slippery bathroom floor; kicking the occasional soap with a fun loving attitude. You can imagine them playing the guitar just so it will speed up the process of drying the freshly added layer of nail-polish. Bath Toys are sounding rough and yet bubbling as if they are playing in the fog coming from a hot water filled bathtub. But it is not all about active splashing or toying around. There are the moments of massage oil and aroma therapy and perhaps a sponge soaking your back comfortably. ,

I don’t know why but listening to a track like ‘puppy lovin’ makes my mind think of black mascara dribbling all over someone’s cheeky cheeks, but a track like the opener ‘BOARD LOVE’ makes me feel like witnessing a band having fun in kicking friendly havoc! Soap powder, towels and yellow plastic ducks are flying over the place. It’s a contrast that is a bit like water and fire, or perhaps a house on fire and a candle with odor..

The last track highlights the contrast once more, being perfect in wild and pretty energy that quite simply rocks like a little wreck less bathroom party! I am a fan of TIME TRAVEL as it fits perfectly with the energetic BOARD LOVE that gets the adrenaline rushing like jumping in a hot bath with no fear for slipping out!

But the other tunes in the middle are listening away like soaking and shrinking in a comfortable bath with enough foam to hide in. A doctor Jekyll and mister Hyde Bath Toys experience really. Don’t forget to bring a towel if you decide to give it a spin at the next link:

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