Fist Full o’ Snacks – Climb the Glass Mountain

artist: Fist Full o’ Snacks
title: Climb the Glass Mountain
keywords: avant folk, pop folk, minimalism, singer songwriter, weird

Climb the Glass Mountain starts with providing the listeners with ‘A Rope’. It might be good to twist around your neck to hang yourself, but as this is about climbing a glass mountain I guess we might use it more as a rope for climbing. But this rope is not a normal rope; it has the texture of a song, music even! It might be even an avant-garde-like piano work with a pretty female vocal who sings as if she is performing in a lost episode of The Sound Of Music. You know the musical?

It’s a bit unexpected as my ears are almost never exposed to such a kind of music,
but as a request is a request and I am brave enough to go for this climb, I hope you will stick with me while exploring this ‘Climb The Glass Mountain’ by this ‘Fist Full o’Snacks.
Writing the project name down gives me enough confidence that Fist Full o’ Snacks is not uptight and might actually have a fine sense of humor. Let’s see what will happen next..

Oh there it is the ‘Glass Mountain’, Or at least it is a track that bares its name.
We hear the vocalist being kind of poetic, yet theatrical while soft crackling noises can be heard in the background. The performer let us know that she is hanging on some bridge, throwing stones at the parked cars downstairs & most importantly that ‘someday we will understand’.

I really try to be open minded, but have no clue what this is about. I might keep that rope at hand in case the music really drives me to the edge of not understanding.
Just on time the voice sings again ‘Someday you will understand, Someday You will understand, Someday you will understand’. At least Fist Full o’ Snacks is convinced that one day this all makes sense. I hope it will come quick, because I haven’t got all day.

The next piece that is presented over here is ‘Paper Human’, the voice of Fist Full o’ Snacks is informing us all in an almost ‘nightmare before Christmas’ kind of way that she has created a Paper Human in her paper castle. It’s like some kind of strange version of the Frankenstein monster.
For some reasonable reason this work sounds like the mermaids on the rocks, lurking for sailors to sink with their ships nearby. It is somehow pretty, but also kind of twisted.

Than we have a track called ‘Blood Forest’ and the story continues. I’m getting used to the theatrical way of pronouncing / half singing / half talking. I can’t seem to follow the story and I feel as if my brain had shrunk and my big ego had jumped out of the window. I’m sorry Fist Full o’Snacks; I appreciate your art but uh I can’t seem to grasp it. It’s like listening to an audio book, but delivered as an avant-garde like musical that simply isn’t my kind of thing. But out of respect, I will climb this mountain further, who knows what will happen..

And yes, glad that I did not use the rope to climb back in hiding. The song ‘Dancing with a Girl’ is sounding understandable. My tiny brain is dancing with joy and even my ego climbed back into my skin and said ‘Hello’. This is a nice song, it has a swinging feel and a recognizable structure. It’s like the music of an romantic fairy tale performed on a warm black and white cinema screen. There is a jazzy moment to it and I feel like recharged as Fist Full o’ Snacks sings ‘you remind me of a girl, she is a nurse too’. I almost believed that the artist sings to me personally and knew that in another life on a specific blue Monday; I had a job as a male nurse with curly hair…

My eyeballs could be rolling backwards again as the phantasy story provided by the Fist Full o’Snacks continues in the crazy performance way as it had done before. It is actually quite nice sounding in ‘Atlantic Rubbings’ although I feel like my lack of knowledge is slowly driving me over the edge of insanity. Perhaps it’s the language skills that don’t want to work to translate what these chapters of the stories are about?

The seventh track is at least clear that it’s about birds… Or no, it is about us that need to whisper to Fist Full o’ Snacks stories about all kinds of birds. (cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo) .

psssst. Pssst.. Hello psst.. it’s me.. I’m whisper typing.. I don’t’ know any stories about birds..
Or maybe that story with the raven and the piece of cheese and a smart fox? Pssst.. pssst

Without joking the release goes on with a work called ‘Perfect Bells’. It’s another vague avant-garde piece that features the pretty voice singing sentences that are out of my league of knowledge.
She sings about poetry, about poetic words and going across town looking for friends.. I really do not know what this is all about, I’m so sorry.. I feel like ‘Perfect Bells’ is the moment that the chances are not so terrible good that I would understand this art-form very well.

It doesn’t happen often that I’m coming across something that is so weird that it’s like listening to alien abracadabra.

A moment of driving me nuts or probably over the edge and breaking my ‘Perfect Balls’ , is the short but completely bonkers experimental vocal piece called ‘I(a’. I feel that someone needs to come here quick and put me in a straightjacket. Fist Full o’Snacks is driving me mental!

And then yet again, when I believe all hope is lost and that rope is going to be used for strangulation,
it seems that Fist Full o’Snacks makes some sense again. Did she just sing ‘Did I go too far?’
Perhaps it’s not just me, and we are all trapped in this web of insanity. Fist Full o’Snacks might be not all there too and with this knowledge in mind I feel we have become full circle.

I hope that there is someone out there crazy or intelligent enough to understand all what is being done over here by Fist Full o’snacks. I have made it to the end and will give myself a cardboard medaile just for the sake of it.
Now I’ll throw the rope with the stones on top of the cars and place a link to this strange release before I wake up:


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1 Response to Fist Full o’ Snacks – Climb the Glass Mountain

  1. Linda says:

    I’d love to have a mermaid on the rocks, yummy! (the amount of funny pictures to be found is disappointing 😦 )

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