Jason “Evil” Covelli / RedSK / Flat Affect – Three Way Floppy Fuck

Artists: Jason “Evil” Covelli / RedSK / Flat Affect
Title: Three Way Floppy Fuck
Cat: SPFD03
format: Floppy Diskette (limited to 15 copies)
Keywords: electronic, non music, abstract, spoken word
Label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com/

what can be a better thing than a 15 print limited edition of a three way floppy fuck released on recycled floppy disks? Perhaps this can only be topped by having all this released with an extra included Large Magnum Condom! Oh yes, talking about excessive epic ness than this legendary release might be on top of its game!

It’s released in the year 2012 but for some reason it had completely skipped my mind to report you about it. But as they say ‘better late than never’ here is a little review of a big monumental record that came upon the alternative floppy world!

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli is a man of words, a man that says no bullshit as he lives to tell without adding sweetener to his stories. On the Three way Floppy Fuck we hear a original spoken word work by mister Evil, completely remixed by nobody less than RedSK. The end result is something that needs significant time to fully be discovered and enjoyed. From a frontal one sided conversation RedSK reshaped the sentences making it sound like a nice sounding lubricant of warm flow of liquid mumbling.

The track gives enough space to let the original highlighting words of Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli shine through, which makes the track even more mysterious and poetic than probably the original take was. Little puzzle pieces can be captured but every listening session you might pick up other things, confusing your mind by hearing things that are there without being there, or being there but just untraceable if you are not paying attention at the right time.

It’s like listening to a poetic soup with letter vermicelli that used to be words and sentences, but you have to fish them up with a spoon (or in this case your ears and mind) to connect the dots. A track that could be heard over and over again, without ever sounding the same. It is a polite floppy fuck that’s not made for the one minute kind of man, but more for long lasting listening sessions by obsessed sound art and poetry fanatics who like to keep things real & yet surreal.

The second track is the previous remix by RedSK done of Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli classic, but then yet again remixed by another prominent underground sound explorer; Flat Affect! Or perhaps it is another take as it is sounding more crystal clear than the previous remix. In this version we can actually attempt to follow ‘Evil’ engaging in expressing his opinion about a ‘Disturbing Behavior’ problem. Or that’s what my ears had captured over here. In any way I will not give more hints about the actual content of this prominent to the point talk, but I will tell you this; use that jumbo condom wisely if you ever manage to get your hands on one of these sold out legendary floppies!
What? Sold out?  So if I might track one down there is a risk that the jumbo condom might actually be used? Yes, I know it sucks!

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1 Response to Jason “Evil” Covelli / RedSK / Flat Affect – Three Way Floppy Fuck

  1. NOPLUG GAMES says:

    Man I like that Jason guy, love his rants set to ambient noise

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