Lindy Vision – Pink + Black

Artist: Lindy Vision
Title: Pink + Black
Keywords: electronic, experimental, alternative, rock, dance-pop, girl band, indie rock, punk-pop

Lindy Vision is a punk band made out of three femme fatale looking girls that you can meet and hear at this delicious music video:

Didn’t that cake looked tasty? And how about the music, and the new forms of facial masks? For the occasion and deeply inspired by the vision of Lindy Vision I feel like wearing a pair of stockings and dance around in black denim hot pants around the living room. It might of course be good to play the music video again on repeat to dance along with, but another option is going for their just released collection of tunes (including the one of the music video) called ‘Pink + Black’.

The first track on it is  ‘gone away’, it has this positive/negative sound that is simply irresistible. They sound quite raw, hot and do their best to make your heart stop if you don’t favor them. Lady Vision is probably telling us a story straight out of the real life about someone going for the vices of the night.

Another one ‘Bad Vibes’ comes in with a beat to clap along or shake your hips too. The lyrics are again realer than real, done with passion and sang in a way that it gives extra jus to the uptempo electro guitar punk pop. The end part of this track is taking us out dancing away through the roof!

Of course when the tune ‘I’ll a Follow You’ starts my ears are cheering when the base kick is sounding like a pounding happy hardcore kick. It must be the distortion that gives me instant a feeling of excitement that only gets enlarged when Lindy Vision compliment it with guitar and the fanatic sang lyrics.

With a track named “Pistol Fight’ it looks like Lindy Vision is ready and set to conquer the alternative pink and black clubs and live the dream of being in the misty spotlight while the fans dance to their energized doomed lovers punk sound. Lindy Vision will shoot its sound like a bullet that aims at your feet so to get an instant formed crowd dancing.

Than as main crown on the cake or black lipstick on pink lips; the tune that we heard in the music video comes in to finish this self-released release off. I will undo myself from the hotpants so willy wonka can get some fresh air. But for you girls and guys here is a link to Pink + Black by Lindy Vision:

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