Hal McGee & the Moog Theremin performances

Artist: Hal McGee
keywords: Moog Theremin performances
keywords: live performance, Theremin, experimental, improvisation,

Hal McGee is best known for his involvement and pushing force of hometaping.
But what many people do not know is that he is a frequent professional Moog Theremin performer.
The Moog Theremin is not a simple instrument that can be played by anyone; it really needs someone passionate with lots of love and respect for the equipment. Also a good and healthy body and flexible fingers are one of the needed necessities. Hal McGee has not only all these requirements but also has the important ability to let go and merge himself with the Theremin.
An art that might not always be understood (as you might find out in the priceless WTF faces of people that walk out of the Hippodrome State Theater to be greeted with the intensity of the focused Theremin performer. Thanks to the film of Christopher Miller we can all watch Hal McGee in great shape and totally in sync with his instrument while greeting the theatre crowd with his fine art.

I bet you can’t get enough of Hal McGee and his Theremin?
Than here is another, yet completely different expression of the experimental artist playing the Moog Etherwave Theremin and his Moogerfoogers. This time he plays at George’s Meet & Produce 10:10PM, Thursday, May 29, 2008 in Florida. His tools for this performance (for the geeks who wants to know..)  are The Etherwave Theremin processed through the Moog MF-107 FreqBox, MF- 102 Ring Modulator, Moog Voyager RME analog synthesizer and MF-104Z Analog Delay.

Yet again we have to thank Christopher Miller for capturing this amazing performance on tape, as this one is as intensive and epic as it can get Theremin wise! Here we can hear and see how a Hal McGee uses his whole body in an almost Zen like state to get the sounds buzzing, singing and emotions turning! The amazing body language is exactly as what an eye witness had described the performance: It is like watching a T’ai Chi performance mixed with modern day ballet. With sounds being channeled from another realm, pulled out of the antenna. At times I feel it is like watching a battle between Hal McGee and the Theremin, but as he is dedicated to conquer in all its professionalism; he simply owns the instrument with pure grace and flair. A youtube commentator called ‘Jerry Modeski’ added this video to his ‘Now That’s Interesting’ playlist, which is indeed a reasonable fine box to put this theatrical sound performance in. Hear and see and feel a personally attached Hal McGee being one and having fun with this wonderful sound setup:


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