Kisszanto – Dajkaim

Artist: Kisszanto
title: Dajkaim
cat: FCKBX 001
format: 5 × Floppy Disk, 3.5″, Limited Edition, Numbered, Box set
keywords: electronic, abstract, experimental, downtempo, noise, future jazz
label: Floppy Kick

The Hungarian label that advertises itself with the slogan of being ‘The Floppy Label!’ makes sure to take a prominent position in the now booming floppy music industry. There is no way another label could be topping ‘Floppy Kick’ with their expertise and floppy service. Just look at the latest professional turn the label had taken: box sets!

A Floppy Kick box set is like a luxury product that every self-respected music lover would die for to get it in their collection. At this moment of writing there are two of them available, one box set by mhzesent and the one that we suppose to read about in this review by Kisszanto.

This box set (when placed in the spotlight) is really a good looker. Inside this box there are floppy diskettes; five of them to be precise.
Each of these floppy diskettes contain real music, and I mean with ‘real’ I mean that this box set doesn’t contain vague mambo jumbo, but fantasy fueled music that could be enjoyed by everyone. It has the great benefit of being not only a great thing to get for yourself, but also that this box set is a perfect gift to anyone with a love for music.

It’s the music that makes each of the five floppy diskettes into little pearls of heaven. Every floppy has a different feel and mood to it, but the artist is consistent in making each diskette into a worthwhile form of audio exploring enjoyment.
I am honest and serious when I say that it has the magic of ‘never ending story’: once you have opened this box of floppies you don’t want to close it back up again. The music on each floppy is simply to magical to switch off, as each diskette opens up a pretty audio world that puts the atmosphere under a wonderful spell.

I will try not to get too deep in the details, but still would like to report on the content of these floppy diskettes. If you want to remain pure and refrained from information so you can explore this wonderful box set without slight spoilers; it is now a good moment to skip this ‘review’ and move yourself to the label and order it before it’s gone.

Listening to the floppy that contains a work called Dajkaim Loop 1’is like experiencing a pretty amazing sun rising. Beautiful music that crispers in like a sleeping beauty that wakes up, or perhaps as the handsome prince galloping on a white horse saving the day with good vibes. It has this all-round sound of a magical moment in time where everything is warm and gorgeous and every ending is a long and happy one. It’s the music you want to wake up to, and wander to yourself ‘what a wonderful pretty little world’.. A great warm sound space that is so full of magic that it makes everything worthwhile and you probably have no problem with to live inside the music of this floppy diskette for the rest of your life. It’s that beautiful!!

That’s perhaps the most difficult part of these five floppy diskettes in the boxset. Which one is the one to pack your bags for and to settle in? They are all so different in style, but all so mesmerizingly captivating.

Take the floppy filled with Felhő Dajka, it could have been called angelic chill out bliss. It is here where a warm and loving youthful voice sings a wordless song of pure love. A language (unless you are perhaps a psychopath) is one that all of us could understand. Yet again everything is pretty and most welcoming, ready to move in and hide out in a music world of fine petite-ness. The most distinctive part is that this wonderful music comes with a friendly beat that mixes our feeling of blissful listening with an active urge of participation. It keeps this outer worldly experience bright and sparkling, it is really one of these combinations that are almost too good to be true. Yet, this is to my knowledge not a dream; this is fantasy music captured on a singular floppy packed with four other magic containing diskettes inside a pretty box of joy.

The Floppy containing the music called ‘Eva Dajka’ is another experience that I certainly hope you don’t miss out on. It starts with words coming from imaginary clouds in enough warm space to make every listener feel good. But the work gets even better as it serves a purpose of enacting a very fine uplifting feeling. It is something that would happen on another diskette in a complete different way too, but here it is carefully crafted by the great use of a pounding beat that hammers a new brew of energy into the lucky listene’rs’ ears. It keeps an perception of a poetic dream world but has also great energy provided to make interaction with the world outside of this magical floppy content possible.

The diskette that contains ‘Erőszak Dajkája’ contains the more freaky side of England. We can hear dodgy characters talking with a potty mouth, and it feels as if this floppy transports the listener to a dark place inside someone else their head who lives a life with junkies and is probably quite messed up in the head too. It’s a bit like being in John Malovich’s head if he was living a life inside a crack house. Not everything is doom and gloom as there can be sparkles twinkling around as if the mind of our host is seduced by medications, but in fact dreams away of pretty music while all these crazy hardcore lifestyle happenings are going on.

My favorite floppy diskette in the boxset is the one that contains the music called ‘Fokozatosság Dajkája’, the reason why I love this one to bits is the amount of feel good energy that it contains. The music is like a powerful medicine that contains the ingredients that you need to gain confidence, to feel secure without holding back. It’s bombastic perhaps in sound, it might be even bold but it’s like native shamans have endorsed this floppy with badass immortality. It has this vibration that lifts us all up without any beat in sight, its pure sound that is a rhythmic factor on its own. It’s what they call in the handbook of floppy music ‘The Awesome Floppy Kick’.

With this I will leave you, only saying that this is probably the best box set ever created! So you might try to get one before they are gone forever! Absolutely a wonderful set of mind blowing blissful, moving, meaningful, entertaining and pure pretty music.
Get it from the Floppy Kick label:

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