REISEBÜRO86 – A Hereditary Monarchy

title: A Hereditary Monarchy
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, noise
label: Etched Traumas

The best alternative travel agency is back again! This time REISEBÜRO86 takes us on a tiny guided trip straight to ‘A Hereditary Monarchy’.
REISEBÜRO86 takes the traveling tour slowly and provides its listeners first with drinks to liquor up the mood. When ready, REISEBÜRO86 takes us for a movement. I believe that we as listeners are doing this part of the tour while carrying a blindfold on top of our eyes as I’m not able to see what it is that REISEBÜRO86 had provided to move us around by.
It feels as if we slide slowly through dust, sand and gravel like a slimy little snake.
We can’t complain as travelers as this trip is yet again provided for free and taken by free will. Are we willing to move forward even when touching into darkness?

There is no stopping at this moment as the second movement will go from a soft pace between the dirt, like a speedy Gonzales sliding into steep holes in the ground. Everything is part of the plan though; we can hear the soft tingling sounds of the beer bottles clinging in the back. Where are we going too? Only REISEBÜRO86 knows..

Somewhere in the middle of the ‘A Hereditary Monarchy’ tour, it is all rather silent and still.
Not that it is silent and still, its just a moment of softness. We are still moving, but more carefully not to stumble against things that we cannot see. REISEBÜRO86 might have brought us in someone’s shed as at one moment we seem to crash through ironware, knives and high frequency beeps. The movement is going for a shaky ride, with chains banging nervously while the sounds slip away.

A finer relaxing movement is part four; it feels a bit as we are now in the place to get some food, some lunch and perhaps a dinner. We might use a fork or a spoon and move it down to pick up content from a plate and then up again put it our mouth. It would be handy is REISEBÜRO86 would take off our blindfolds, but it might end the mystery of this ‘A Hereditary Monarchy’ audio trip. When our bellies are filled up with things we cannot see, the tourguide pushes us in the back and we slide down (as if being on a sledge) off a rusty slide.

Where are we, everything is still dark? I can’t seem to get rid of the blindfold.. Are we still moving? Everything is so soft and even the loss of eye sight might not help to gather more information with the ears. Ah there is REISEBÜRO86 again, he rambles with obviously hot electric. Is the trustworthy REISEBÜRO86 sharpening knives? Oh.. I think that this is the end of our trip as REISEBÜRO86 moves itself forward to cut our brain to pieces.
Are we ending up as a delicatessen for ‘A Hereditary Monarchy’?

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