Various Artists – Lugeri Sonus IV

Artists: Various
title: lugeri Sonus IV
keywords: electronic, any-core, dubstep, electronica, experimental, idm
label: Acre Recordings

Blakbody had created the perfect openings track for this compilation and named it ‘MazeHaze’. It’s like listening to the so called intelligent forms of electronic music that we can hear waking up, kicking on their shoes, brushing off their sounds, and still half asleep stumbling over the mess from last nights experimental woodblock versus electro session. It’s obviously time for a anti hangover drink and perhaps a strong coffee.

Or maybe it’s just time to wake with the sounds of DJ Die Soon. A better alarm than his tune ‘Kill Am All’ is at the moment non available, which isn’t a problem at all because Dj Die Soon’s tune is quite the killer. Think rattling beats and electric coolness that shakes about, and a groove that aims for our addiction. Before the coffee is finished our bed heads will be banging tight on this track.

Are we awake yet or can VORRS & Bloodmouth come over to slap us with the hammer and a piece of steel? These two know how to come in and set the house in a solid fire. Not literally, but their beats and spitting words are hot enough to come close though. Better keep a fire extinguisher close at hand just in case.

A good fit to the phat sound of the former tune is one made by ‘Swarm Intelligence’. It is an instrumental tune that is as solid as a rock, and would certainly invite a rapper to spit on top to add some hip-hop to ‘Bluepop’.

Then it’s time to ‘Get Bent’ by Opine Ko$insky. I don’t know if the title refers to circuit bending or to bend over and do some Twerking on this supply of the funky beat! This is the good shit that will be a favorable tune to get the shit moving on the dancefloor. Get bent? -any time, sir!

Now after all the shaking asses we come to a track by Jadostad. It starts with what sounds like a lengthy introduction. We can hear some crazy dude saying something like “licky, licky’ but that might just be me still thinking about bouncing derrières. When the guy has moved out of the way, the real interesting stuff starts to kick in. A noisy beat fest that pounds while force-feeding feedback above coolness. This is the stuff that makes you hold your shaven head (what I have hair!? No you don’t!) in your hand and shake it up and down on that funky hardcore pusher. It’s an interesting track combining some jazz elements with fine noise and a pounding force of rhythm to get even the most laziest ass of the ground for a bit of wild behavior.

Shelley Parker kicks a slow but determined beat to inform us that a track called ‘Asphalt’ has arrived. This artist also goes for the great combination of noise and rhythm. Perhaps this is the stuff that will soon replace all the dubstep fluff, although I seriously hope not. This kind of stuff should be heard in the darkness, in the alternative zones where no hipster can come in without being sacrificed to Satan. But let’s focus on the track by Shelley Parker as it is rather bombastic and cool. It’s like a electronic enactment of a gigantic mechanic sounding dinosaur that steps around solidly, making the earth move and providing a great dark beat along the way.

Sturqen’s Motim also fits the earlier heard tunes by Shelly and Jadostad pretty well. We get a nice industrial beat been blasted in the face encoded in enough distortion to make your little house rat cry. It has the freakiness that sounds like the stuff the colorful cybergoths would dig, but yet slow enough for them not to get their bright popsicles out. Let’s keep it dark over here!

Now a moment that we can come out behind the pillars from the dark catacombs as this C_C – – v – v – v_v – v – v thing will keep us buzzy and crispery for the full amount of three minutes and thirty two seconds. It’s like the rattling beats are there tickling our minds and inviting every dark angel for an active dance of high platform sport shoes but never going full Monty to give what we need and want.

It’s like we all have been heating up to get the full blown force of VORRS’s Hound in our faces! This track is like the answer to all our dark prayers for a hard but bouncy beat and flow to hit the dancefloor with a nice evil grin on the face. Shake and rattle the iron chains and bright up the darkness with some funky lasers and get your rusty bones down to move on this shit!

Than the Cock Rock Disco legend Duran Duran Duran takes over with a tune called ‘I Love Lamp’. It’s like we have arrived in the funky acid corners of the jolly and jumpy dance core zone. It’s a party tune that moves solidly to satisfy the high and solid wasted color seeing crowd! No darkness here, just big party hats, blowup dolphins and glow in the dark poop! Wonderful!

‘blindsight’ by C. Mantle goes for rattling beats that you might put close to break core. It sounds lots of fun, squeaky and soapy! What else does a person want? Let’s go mental and have a blast while dancing like a space monkey!

Another artist is here and is called Diasiva. The track ‘cutting is easy’ is puked out to entertain the ears and perhaps the complete body. It has the fine stepping rattling beats that makes us flow with a fine and tremendous speed. The deep base crunching that fart in our ears are keeping the toes wobbly until the end.

An end that cannot be without the strange riddling track created by Inicolabug. It’s highly experimental, electronic but yet still rhythmic enough to be completely vaporized by it all. We can hear a robotic world that sounds as if the machines are failing while a mysterious glow makes it all well and part of the plan.

This is the end of the compilation, but if you didn’t hear or have it yet; feel free to get it over at the following link:

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