Artist: LIF
Title: LIF I
keywords: experimental, electronic, music, industrial, techno

Lets give a warm welcoming applause for the music of Japanese experimental project called LIF! Why you may ask? Because clapping the hands is kind of fun & this brand new release called LIF I is something to get excited about.

It starts like all good adventures in life with a track named ‘Acid’. Here we can hear our ears being treated with acid like bubbles, balloonist acid bubble bath sounds. Something that would melt the normal unexpected listener, when not fully dressed in an anti-hazard suit. Not that it’s hard; it’s sparkly!

After our acid bubble bath LIF goes on with some heavy deep down and dirty pounding. Do not feel like a pervert when you hear LIF’s recording of Blue Sex, because this low and crunchy bit will leave a lot to your own imagination.

After Blue Sex we can enjoy the relieved moment of ‘happiness’. Nothing is more happy than a electric smooth minimal rhythm, a manipulated sample of a poor woman saying something about happiness while slowly getting strangled in the experimental way.

It’s apparently a good fit with the minimal experimental electronic track named ‘maggot brain’. For some reason this looped loop is a outmost relaxing experience made to tickle the Maggot brains in a fancy form of chill out.

Lip Sink is the next jumping jack flesh dance track on this nifty little LIF release. It’s even though it’s experimental outside a good find for the modern day inside. I know the last sentence probably doesn’t make much sense, but you have to forgive me as my brain was out dancing.

Than LIF presents a track called ‘Leep’. It’s like listening to a dusty vinyl record and a needle that seems to be stuck. The result is a short crackling sleepy loop.

More fun and comical sounding is ‘Brain Delay’. It’s like a psychological rhythmic love chat between a friendly elephant and an exciting pig.

The last track before we leave LIF and move over to our own lives is one named ‘CNS’. It is probably the loudest one available on this release and is quite abstract. Even though it is quite distorted the actual content (a fine rolling loop) is not unpleasant. At times it made me think of someone’s dog sniffing the edges of sound.

If there has to be some kind of conclusion over here than I might disappoint you; I have no clue!
It’s a nice experimental release that can be fairly rhythmic in its approach of sound. You can hear it with your own ears at this link:

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