mhzesent – in memory of ish

artist: mhzesent
title: in memory of ish
keywords: intertwined music genres,
reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This 27 track non-cd of undergrounds best hip-hop beat, experimental disc-juggling mastermind mhzesent kicks of with the first of only two remixes of other projects.
Loop based tracks fill this almost 1 hour and 20 minutes release, accompanied with bursts of extreme creative production and intertwined music genres.
With 27 tracks, I will leave you with the (IMHO) best tracks of the release.

We Die is the one of the masterpieces on this release. Great production and overall flow. This track would not be the odd one out on a release of a big hiphop label. The melody will stick like an earworm in your mind for days on end.

ESENTボーイTELL'EM is one of those genres mixing tracks. It swing between trap, hiphop, IDM, old school, big beats and probably some other subgenres or subsubgenres.

C15H21NO2 brings lobit chiptunes mixed with fat breakbeats. This really is a instant classic for all those c64 lovers out there!

Take Me On show a whole other aspect of beat production. Smooth pop beats and production create a Billboard Top 100 entry track. Accompanied with soothing male vocals it is the perfect track for a lazy day on the beach.

DATAS is one of the more experimental track on the release. It includes bleeps from old tapes with binary data. They blend together very well with the beats, allthough they are mixed in a little too loud.

Walking On Air is French hip-hop at its best! Combined with an English sung sample and distorted beats it a an all new side of producing once again!

The Lunatic Is On The Grass is a field recording sample mash-up of talking and laughing people with a small portion of beats.

All together this is a real diverse album. Is shows of mhzesent’s mastering of the arts of beat producing and experiment.

Listen/Download here:

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