St-Petersbourg – EP (Siro714)

St-Petersbourg - EP

Do you ever get the feeling… you’re being watched… by a giant severed deer head… while staring at the album art for St-Petersbourg’s EP… and that aliens are real and probably programming you to watch porn on your iphone? Yeah, me either… >_>

Artist: St-Petersbourg
Title: EP
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro714
Keywords: Ambient Rock, Progressive, Noise, Electronic
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hey, hi, hello! Welcome to YIKIS again! I hope you’re ready to rock with another great review: a future classic released fairly recently at Sirona-Records! This one’s kind of a post-rock venture, with the soundliest sounds you’ll ever hear! I had this idea, too, that I’m really excited to share with you! You see, in order to keep your excitement up for this music, I’m going to punctuate every sentence in the whole review with an exclamation point! Sometimes even several!!!

Periods! They’re so dull! Whooo!!!

Let’s get this shit ON! The first track is called ‘Anticyclone’, and if you think cyclones are hardcore, wait until you hear this! It’s majestic from the outset, with fuzzy guitar harmonics and a subtle filtered feel! The rhythm is nice, too! It has a chill vibe, like you’re slow-motion diving into bed! The really beautiful stuff happens a little further in, like the added guitar layers and choirs! It’s like… it’s like… a sensual, dreamy masterpiece for contemplative moods!

Oh, but then! ‘L’effondrement’ takes us under its dark wing with sinister low-key distorted atmospheres and a steady, downtempo groove! It veritably oozes drug-den debauch! Very melancholy in places, like you wouldn’t believe! I’m not sure if I’m driving, hands gripping the wheel on a late-night sojourn to nowhere fast, or laying in bed, turning once per hour, faded, as if my life were an insomnial film montage depicting existential crisis, my head a melange of cracked images and tortured voices!

Next up is ‘Névrose’, and it’s so pretty! Very ambient guitar work, so lovely! There’s a great distorted groove that comes in, very smoothly distorted, like the edge has been rounded off! More guitar layers are added, and strange tingling percussion! An undertone of dark choirs! Yes! It’s really nice, the mood and flow of this… oh! And, there are even more sounds entering the mix! You can just lose yourself in this!

Last is ‘La Cristallisation’! There’s a gritty, digitized groove at first and guitars and so many sweet sounds! Pianos, even! It feels post-rock, somewhat epic but very light! Chords are changing, lifting and then falling into distress!

I think… I’m going to need a lozenge from all this yelling! >_<

Check all of this out at the following link, dudebros!

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