Xzvlghaloth – Primitive Kings

Artist: Xzvlghaloth
Title: Primitive Kings
Cat: FNR028
format: blue Floppy Diskette (limited to 25 copies)
Keywords: Black Metal
Label: Floppy Noise https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords?fref=ts
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Xzvlghaloth’s Primitive Kings is a release that will direct your soul towards the gates of Hell. You don’t even need to knock as the gates would be standing open wide as the music pushes you in the back, all the way deep to the devilish kingdom.

The release might come across as innocent, as it is available exclusively on the floppy diskette format; but let its outside looks not fool you. This is more like a pandora’s box that upon opening will showcase all your sins and basically provides a fast ticket to meet mister Lucifer himself.

The release in itself consists of two tracks that can’t exist without each-other. The first track ‘Children Of Dog’ is like listening to a demon of temptation, surrounded by a electric guitar that functions as a red carpet made out of blood the demon voice grows like a rough but mindful beast that puts its claws around you as a friend while nibbling away on your soul.

Before fully realizing what you are getting yourself into; the second track ‘2C-P’ takes over and this is where temptation has made way of that blatant inescapable slide towards the flames of Hell. The demon holds you tight as the guitar riffs lift you up and pushes you down while securing the successful extraction of your soul.

You might read this and think ‘no thanks’ but hearing it is simply a complete different story. When you hear ‘Primitive Kings’ you will not want anything else than entering the depths of hell. You will be glad to sacrifice your soul in exchange to feel as euphoric that you felt when the demon holds you in his firm grip.

It’s horrible when the release is over and you face the empty coldness, and so it happens that this devilish good looking floppy will be played over and over again. Keeping you solid company while living life on earth, until the time will come that you are ready to burn and dance for your new master.

Don’t be a coward; give in to your darkest temptations. Get this floppy and feed on the internal demonic darkness that hides within!

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