Yerunda Projet – I Saw Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

Artist: Yerunda Project
Title: I Saw Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye
Cat: 8R052
Keywords: lobit, 8kbps, experimental, acousmatic
Label: 8Ravens

I listen to ‘I Saw Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye’ by
Yerunda Project While personally being attacked by a swirl of Mosquitos. Is that a good condition to report on a release? Nope. Does it suck enough to be featured on Yeah I Know It Sucks? Yes!

In any way the music delivered in this extreme 8kbps lobit extravaganza is actually quite the help for active moving the arms and legs in order not to get these little flying monsters extract blood like hungry little wannabe vampires.
Not that they are afraid of arm and leg movement, as the Mosquitos will just hook on and suck anyway and anywhere to full-fill their unstoppable need for bloody delicatesse. But for some reason the busy music that sounds like it’s being performed by a organ player on dope, is just a real good fit. In fact now I think of it; it might actually attract those Mosquitos!

I have bats flying outside the house too. I’m not even joking! Might they too be attracted to the music? Are they picking it up on their little sonar screens? I don’t know but it might just be a coincidence, but for some reason I’ll always have to think of some kind of dramatic Hollywood Dracula that plays the organ when hearing this fine instrument in a Lo-fi environment. But this time it is different though!

With this release it hasn’t got that dark Dracula feeling, it’s more like a crazy regular organ player that goes on a improvised rampage on the organ keys while the place that the instrument is standing in, is actually on fire. I mean ‘literally’ on fire!

It’s perhaps a case like the captain who goes down with his sinking ship while the rest of the crew escapes tragedy by abandoning in rubber boats. But now it’s the organ player who sees the place on fire and can’t leave without playing his threatened organ surrounded by the crackling flames. It is a hot situation and that might explain the quite expressive form of improvised organ playing that is captured over here.

It’s a silly thing really to listen to a composer playing for his life on his most favorite instrument. It makes this release almost an artistic equivalent of a sniff movie. Lucky for the easily mortified listeners we will never hear the final end of burning up in dataloss. The whole release is proof that it actually must have turned out well. Perhaps there was a bucket of water close at hand?

I’m however still writing this to you in a busy crowd of buzzing and sucking troop of nasty mosquitos. Good news though; the music has been finished by now so this attack had probably nothing to do with the so experimental improvised organ-ish music by the Yerunda Projet.

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