Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli & Joel Nobody

Artists: Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli & Joel Nobody
title: untitled
format: CDr
keywords: spoken word, avant-garde, experimental, free improvisation, prepared guitar
label: Fork And Spoon Recordings http://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com

Spoken word terrorist Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli and king of fork and spoon Joel Nobody had joined their creative forces and molded it in one collaborative new release.

On it we will be firmly greeted with the strong and inspiring words coming out of Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli’s mouth. Here he tells us how being born on Mother’s Day was the first indication of him to be a Natural Born Fucking Loser. He isn’t bitter and neither should you. In fact he makes it pretty clear that all of us natural born fucking losers should be damn proud! Without losers winners could not exists, so winners; Show some respect!

The second track is Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli and Joel Noby together going for a sausage and mash kind of avant-garde sound escapade. It is called ‘Painful’, a title that might act as a small warning sign that the effective guitar fuckery might damage the ears if blasted in an ultimate high volume. But as a reviewer I have to reveal that this session isn’t as painful as the title might suggest. It’s more like a soundscape of improvised guitar pieces and mister Evil twirling around inside of it like a weightless astronaut.

The last track is one purely coming out of the expert sound world of Joel Nobody. It’s a good and kind of relaxing session. It’s obvious that Joel Nobody has dedicated himself (and perhaps even sacrificed!) to give the listeners ears a varied collection of things to listen to. There is no place for boredom as the artist knows not to repeat itself and fills all gaps with unexplainable DIY sounds that even though it being far removed from a genre like ambient; is actually giving us a similar mind relaxing result.

Hear Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli and Joel Nobody aka ‘the Nobel unknowns’ with your own unknown ears by ordering the CDr at the following link:

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