▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌- Dislexia

Artist: ▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌
title: Dislexia
keywords: experimental, drag, glitter punk, gothic punk
reviewer: the bearded lady

Dislexia by ▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌ is one single track that is a little longer than a minute or two. Even though that might not be very long time wise; somehow it feels as if it is hours, weeks, months and perhaps even centuries long in length. You begin with a clean cut chin and by the end of the track you will find yourself in the curious position of having grown a beard so long that it drags behind you on the floor like a fancy wedding dress.
Or maybe you started to listen to it as a baby and when the track of just two minutes is finished you are all grown up inside a coffin ready for your own funeral.

Why is that you might ask? And besides how is that all possible? Well it must be witchcraft at work over here. There is no other and more direct explanation. It’s just sounding like a little something, something that comes across as innocent with its soft loop made out of a gothic electronic beat and a tone that twirls on repeat above it. But it’s a trap! It’s so much a trap that when you go for it, you’ll be stuck in it. Stuck not for the two minutes and eighteen seconds, but stuck and trapped for life. Until the magic starts to wear off and you are ready to face your coffin or lengthy facial hair. But good luck escaping the grip of witchcraft, especially when advertised as anti witch music. Want to get trapped? Here is the track (share it with beauty queens you dislike)

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