Ashley Reaks – Cold Body Pussycat

Artist: Ashley Reaks
title: Cold Body Pussycat
keywords: experimental, ambient, collage, dub, experimental, post-punk, video
reviewer: unpaid intern & just a Dude

aWe received a request through our shitter account.

Yes, Yeah I Know It Sucks has Shitter, but because it sucks so much we can’t seem to be bothered to actively use it. In fact last time we went to the Shitter was when we had this weekend where we would only review music made by Marks. Do you remember that weekend? That was horrible right? A weekend only music by artists named Mark, it had left us with a mark of trauma and we would never ever review a Mark again..
But back to the Shitter;
I think that was the last drop (the marks) we tweeted as to be honest we got cluttered up by writing shitty reviews and got kind of scared by the addictive twitter crowds. If you don’t know them *Good For You!* but if you are on Shitter you might have come across people who shit out a shit every second. Telling you that they are on the shitter, taking a sip from a glass of water and that they now need to pee.

Anyway of course in the big brother generation this might be someone’s entertainment to follow someone on shitter who actually hasn’t a real shit to say and is probably not even human. But it kinda put us off it. But who knows we might find the day to start using the shitter again for a flow of music propaganda. Read this, download that, shit on disk and clicker dee clack.. You know our regular activity on the Shitter compiled in a sentence really.
aaaSo, we received a message through the Shitter. Actually two of them, but because the first one was generated by a Mark, we just pretend that we didn’t see that one. But yes a message, or rather a shoutout or just a piece of short text with a link and a @yeahiknowitsuck kind of shit; seriously how do they call that in the Shitter language? Hashtag we all know now, that’s this ugly fellow #thissucks, right?

Anyway.. Sorry. Incoming Shit.
BRB. #shit #toilet #poop #bullshit

So, yes we had received a hint (let’s call it something) with a link to a video by a very distinctive artist we had featured before somewhere on YIKIS. The name? Ashley Reaks!
The video? Totally freakishness!
It had such a impact here that one of our internal poets had to write an poem about it. It isn’t very good (read; it’s totally shit) but I’ll copy and paste it here for you anyway:

Doing dirty deeds
Fulfilling all it’s needs
Down by the creeks
As the willow weeps

Conquered by the Greeks
Feedback feedy feeds
Falling of our feets
Follow special leads

Spaghetti full of meats
For the crazy peeps.
Meet and greets.
Ashley Reaks
Gave me the freaks!

My eye bleeds..

This poem was written completely nude,
by a freaked out
just a Dude.

So you see, not all activity on the Shitter is unwanted. This one triggered the imagination and got us stabbed through the eyes and ears all the way making just a Dude feel awkward in the stomach enough to find the time to write an backwards poem. A poem that is understandable somehow as it’s almost a review on its own. Unfortunately it’s too long to be shitted out on Shitter, but here on this blog we seem to have unlimited space.

But as I might guess you actually have a life to attend (either a real one or one on Shitter.. Or even a combination of them two.) so I’ll try to stop rambling and find some sort of conclusion to make some kind of sense. Which is thinking about it an impossible task as everything you have read and I have written is as senseless as that machine that has the only purpose to switch itself off.

I guess our poet has warned you enough of the visual prospects (especially the red and blue part might be disturbing) of the through the Shitter pointed out brand new music video by Ashley Reaks.
It is anyhow probably a relief to see something and hear something else than all these letters, forming words, forming sentences that turn into gibberish nonsensical nonsense.

Here it is people of the not faint hearted kind; here is Ashley Reaks’s new animated music video of the brand new single ‘Cold Body Pussycat’!

If you like what you have seen and (most importantly) heard in the above video, you might want to check out Ashley Reaks  new album released on CD called ‘Compassion Fatigue’. It features this song and keeps you away from the creepy place called “Shitter’ ❤

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