Caffeinate – Substitute

Artist: Caffeinate
title: Substitute
cat: ER104
keywords: electronic, 
label: Effluvia Recordings

Without knowing anything of the artist named ‘Caffeinate’, it is like being a virgin of sound touching in the dark to find out what the artist’s release named ‘Substitute’ would sound and feel like.
And as the first track ‘Needle’ enters the ears we can only be glad to be on the adventurous path of listening to independent artists cool enough to detonate their music in the depth of the interwebs!

The floors will vibrate and our brains will agree that it’s now to time to open up and let this electronic coolness flow through our systems and be one with the sound of this cool dance and dark sounding power track. Caffeinate goes in the ears and then enters through the bloodstream and fills it up with enough caffeine to turn even a frozen penguin into a nasty synth loving monster of dance.
I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of music that is like that liquid punch of power that makes you feel a bit as if you are on the edge, wearing sunglasses in the night and ready to fight your own shadow. (if you weren’t too busy slow dancing and looking cool that is..)

Now that we had a good taste and are no longer considered a virgin of Caffeniate’s music, there is a really big change we all want to hear more from where this came from.
Luckily there is more on this nifty fresh released free album! The track ‘The Layered Lady’ will definitely not disappoint the newly generated fans the artist gained with the first tune.
More coolness, good dark energy that is also warm and effective like a strong black coffee!

But just when my ears think that it can’t get any better, Caffeinate goes a step further by teasing the pleasure centers of the technoid brain by delivering a tune named ‘Spectre’. This is the moment that Caffeinate adds the milk and cream with the caffeine and delivers an uplifting almost cheerful dance track that makes me feel like dancing upside down on the sealing in a self-made uniform made out of tinfoil! Of course still wearing those cool sunglasses, but more loosened up dancing on this trippy and perfectly laid back electronic groove! A midnight topper!

‘Late Night Orange Light’ takes us again in a wave of surprise. First of all it comes with a teasing dream bubble that comes in and goes out leaving us with our ears almost begging to hear more.
Luckily Caffeniate gives us something that rewards our patience and here we can all dance like tripped out space astronauts as if we are in some kind of lost vague episode of captain kirk’s star trek.

It’s almost heart breaking when the final tune is in ear-sight! But Caffeniate doesn’t leave us without something to give us that last impression to take away to our dreams or space travel.
‘Galaxial Ice Crown’ sounds exactly like you would expect some overly evolved robotic space people on some far away planet would listen too when going for a sci-fi dance party. Very rich, yet minimal and at the same time space costume worthy!

hear and get the album for free from Effluvia Recordings:

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