Crowd Control – GAME OVER! EP

Artist: Crowd Control
title: GAME OVER! EP
keywords: electro-fusion, electronic, dub fusion, indie, spoken word, Bucharest

Crowd Control’ is basically where it’s game over for all other music you will hear
today: there is just something about it that makes all other things suddenly worthless. I mean this is it, we have found the soundtrack for today and there is no need for anything else. If the tune will be finished it will be like searching your pockets in search for coins to play this ‘shit’ again!

You will be just attracted to this EP like pac-man who has the desire to eat a pixel. But how does it sound? It sound like the theme song for losers like you and me who hang to much around on the sucky side of life and need music to scrap us up from the floor and make you and me look all cool over again! Trust me in this case we all need some of this ‘Crowd Control’! Just press play and feel the nasty acid baseline snarling, the industrial rock blasting with lyrics that are making you feel like lining up behind the singer and jump with your fist raised in the sky! Nope no other music will fuel the power of belonging to something today; embrace the energy of joined loser ship! It feels great!

After the first shock of the incoming bomb of music the second RockNrolla might not be as shocking but that doesn’t make it less of a party source of original vibes for the old school RockNrolla who needs something new to swing their buttocks up in the air while doing backflips as lifting the body with a single finger. In other words a great crowd pleaser that also can be used if the crowd only exist of you, and your two ears. You just multiply yourself, it’s easy listening to this.

Than Crowd Control shows a more high senti mental side in I N I. Haile Selassie might enjoy this tune up in heaven but we are invited to hear it in the slumps of the earth. This track is perhaps the strangest one over here as it gives a bit over everything but also comes across as a bit comical. The reggae vibes at the end are great but also give somehow an explanation why the vocals get a bit funny in the earlier music. Probably infected by the mind challenging green herbs against Babylon. But aside I N I not being so serious it’s I bet still a great crowd pleaser giving uplifting moments mixed with easy going ones. It’s time to chill out, rock out and BE out!

The last but certainly not the last thing we will hear from Crowd Control is like a moving steam train to embrace the good side of pure FAILURE. A theme everyone here reading this should all be able to relate too. It’s a nice one to be absorbed in using the perfect doses of what they call ‘eclectic fusion’. A little pop, a sniff of house, a nibble electronic, a spoon of funk, a fork of space rock, a sniff of punk, a hint of distortion and a touch of desire. A ratatouille that has a little of everything, to make everyone feel at home down in losers creek. Great music, really!

Check Crowd Control’s Game Over EP out at the following link:

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