Meitje – Narwhal no. 1

narhwalArtist: Meitje
title: Narwhal no. 1
keywords: curious hip-hop & spectacular animation
reviewed by: Goldy Fish

Move out of the way animators at Disney, don’t quit your previous burger baking jobs animators at Pixar as the newest kind of animator is the new number one out there! Meet music producer and animator Shroom’s music and animation skills that help out with the launch of the solo career of a word spitting Meitje!

In this video animation we can watch a spectacular performance by a medium-sized toothed whale that uses his large trustworthy tusk to fight crime and help others! This is not a video animation / song about a normal regular Narwhal; this is about a Narwhal who does everything to be number one in the Narwhal system!

See our action hero in this spectacular video going against crime, saving a pretty purple lady from the flames, a baby from a certain death, and of course enjoying the good side of  thewell-deserved high life! You know the deal: glamorized luxury pimp cars, boom blasters, space travel and hot Narwhal girls!

If you dig the song and are hungry perhaps for more?
Be free to check Meitje’s album ‘It takes a lot’ :

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