Twin Tomatoes – The Twin Tomatoes Thurston

Artist: Twin Tomatoes
title: The Twin Tomatoes Thurston
keywords: avant-garde, experimental

Is it a goose or a parrot that is trying to communicate inside the first track? It might be even a chicken doing some chit chat while there are lots and lots of other things going on. It is probably the artist who rolls around on top of all kinds of children toys, perhaps they aren’t toys but possessed tomatoes. Creative tomatoes that are into avant-garde creations, that shake and ramble for their (and perhaps our) entertainment. We hear a Casio keyboard, something cluttering in the background and someone grasping for air..
Or is it just my head scratching and asking too many questions?

Nah, it must be the music as the eccentric sound activities go forward in the ‘Thom Toes” track. There is a nice rattling in the background, forming some active movement as if this is an imaginairy train that takes us straight to looney land. I believe that among all the soft brushes and noises, to hear a mouth harp being played. Towards the end the rattling slows down and comes to a halt. We have obviously reached our destination. Want go for an Alaskan avant-garde experimental short trip? Than here is a link for your convenience:

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