Bronze Eye – Sleep Studies

Artist: Bronze Eye
title: Sleep Studies
keywords: ambient, drone, idm, noise
label: Charlotte Sometimes

From Skopje in Macedonia we have a label focused on ambient, drone and noise releases. The name? Charlotte Sometimes. Charlotte Sometimes released ‘Sleep Studies’ by an artist named Mark Bishop, who makes music under his project name of ‘Bronze Eye’. The information tells us that this project is an ongoing one, incorporating a magpie approach to electronic and found sounds.

The ‘Sleep Studies’ release is a rather short one, probably too short to fall asleep with.
It starts with a track called ‘Haints’ that comes across as a small and soft electronic riddle that also seems to feature a voice and a sampled human beat. These might be the things that Bronze Eye had found glittering on the floor and dragged them into this audio track. I must say, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

The next track is one named ‘Sighting’ and involves yet again a very soft ambient like looping layer that soon meets up with the so called found sounds forming a rhythm. The looping ambient melody goes away for a bit to make way for the rhythm to flourish and show off. When the time is ripe the mellow sound comes back to enjoy the woody woodpecker-ish percussion.

More human found beat box sound is presented in ‘Abra Et Cetera’, there is also some funk included. Bronze Eye is here at its best as the funk that he had found goes so well with the groove that is generated over here; that it’s hard not to feel this in your tailbone.

The last track of the ‘Sleep Studies’ is Bent Khatvanga. Here we can meet up with an electronic bumble bee, softness that is sweet and curly and yet somehow a bit noisy. It’s as if Bent Khatvanga is a track on the edge of sleeping and dreaming. One moment we are listening to something expectable and the other moment Bronze Eye had teleported us to some Arabic sounding location.
Or is it just another found instrument that this sound collecting magpie had to have?
Whatever it is it makes sure that ‘Sleep Studies’ are not here to bring music to sleep on as Bronze Eye will shake us up like a hypnotist with another loud sound. The Arabic vibe has gone but makes way for some people singing. They slowly get absorbed into nothingness.

It’s a strange release that perhaps might leave more questions than that the Sleep Studies gives answers. If you want to know more about it and perhaps have a chat with Bronze Eye you can find his email address and the music at the following link:

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