Hate-Male – I Want Your Sex

Artist: Hate-Male
title: I Want Your Sex
keywords: experimental, noise

Hate-Male is sounding like a lot of fun if you are into harsh noise that is. With ‘Hate-FM’ the artist plunges our ears in a constructive radio channel in which we can hear a host mumbling about god before playing that sound that Hate-FM is loved for. The screams hissy noises, the hiss that scraps the corners of the ears until they are cleaner than a freshly wiped baby butt. The sounds are harsh but yet refraining far from the darker side of this genre, it’s a true form of high and bright noises that almost turn into melodic eccentric flutes that than yet again molds itself in a fine shape of rain gas. I don’t know about you, but I feel this stuff is like a pretty good rinsing and you might want to shower yourself under it. There is still some ether distortion from another radio station trying to pass through, but this hissy shower fall is definitely loud enough to keep it out of this frequency.

Long-wave hate’ has picked up( after a classic introduction) the right vibe back up again. More crackling and rhythm in the noise, more insanity that makes me think of overloaded fax machines, tooth drills and tesla electric energy hitting all electric devices.

Medium-wave Hate’ sounds surprisingly calm and polite. A fine element of Hollywood-ish classy music that has been turned upside down and in reverse with the finer delights of ambient noise to give this piece the charm of a noise lover that wears a bow tie.

Short-wave hate’ is more hateful, it has this deep bass that keeps on kicking in the lower parts of the belly and if lucky it might give some fine electric shots for the ears too. Nice and raw sound that seems to scream like a beast ready for the slaughter. Lots of little noise stabbed are driving through the skull and that might be the end of our abilities to hear more music along the day. Let’s scream along shall we?

The last one ‘Killing America (Japanese only track) has more bombastic anti music for our greedy deaf ears. Everything is loud and muffled and still the high sounds might slip through to bring some unwanted radio stuff. Hate-make shoves the noise in its mouth as if it’s a dirty unwashed sock and growls and howls this noisy track until there is no more.
Check it out over here if this is something that you would like:

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