Remedies – Trap

Artist: Remedies
title: Trap
keywords: experimental, bedroom pop, dream pop, indie, psych pop,
reviewer: A. Believer

Justin Bieber destroyed the meaning of the word ‘Believers’ by merging his sure name to this normally meaningful word that stands for ‘believing in something. What can we do to undo this horrible word crime and do the word ‘Believers’ justice by restoring its meaning of faith instead of a name to put Bieber fans inside a box? Something has got to be done, but what? Oh what?

My thoughts drifted away and suddenly it happened! An appearance came to me; it might have been an angel but as there were too much bright lights involved, I couldn’t really see what it was.
It introduced itself with believable words:
I am the goddess of Believers’
Thank you for believing in me.
I’m here to tell you that I believe in you
I believe that you will do your best to restore my name with honor.

I come to tell you about the remedies
musical ones that can give my name more meaning
you just got to keep on believing in
and review this song from this band:

In return they will release a hit album
That as followers of my meaning would be called ‘Believers’
and with your help through Yeah I Know It Sucks
we will cure the bad taste of Beliebers and bring back the true Believers.

….Before I could ask any questions or could make sure it wasn’t some joker with a flashlight shining in my eyes; the appearance had vanished leaving a link to a song.
And there was a little post-it note next to it:
Oh.. my, so this all makes sense! And I had been given an incredible task to restore (together with Remedies) the meaning of the word ‘Believers’.
The only thing what I have to do is listen and review this one song of ‘Remedies’ and then they will release their ‘Believers’ album on the 4th of august just as the appearance had predicted! This is a large task on my shoulder, but for believers-sake something that got to be done right away! Goodbye Beliebers, hello Believers!

So let’s get on with it!

Trap’ by Remedies comes in like the appearance, not ghostly but heavenly and bright. There is a certain happiness captured here with lots of synthetic strings and mingled nice melodies that somehow mixes sexiness with a crazy Christmas ‘forgiving’ atmosphere. The vocals of Remedies are like instruments themselves giving the music the extra sparkle that tends to have an effect on the gravity of well willing believers. It’s all light in sound and somehow with its line of music could be catchy enough to push the ‘Believers’ album towards the big success story that the vision was talking about. It is just a matter of believing in ‘believers’ and enjoying the ‘trap’ song with open ears and mind as if we have just had a semi supernatural experience.

Now it’s up to you to make the Remedies do their thing, kick ‘Trap’ out in the open, spread it among friends and buy the ‘Believers’ album when it comes out; so to once and for all shred the blasphemy of the hijacking word rape aka ‘Beliebers’ and restore the name of ‘Believers’! 

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    Check out a review of our project’s (Remedies) single from our newly released L.P., entitled “Believers”

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