Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 22

Artists: Various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation 22
keywords: various, ambient, folk, electronic, experimental
label: Midnight Radio Compilation

A brand new and free Midnight Radio Compilation has just recently dropped on the internet. 30 tracks of quality producers have joined this collection to provide you the perfect music for listening at night, and perhaps if you keep the curtains closed: at day! Let’s go for a little (read gigantic!) walktrough of the tracks available:

Cousin Silas & Glasklinge Zeitenlicht have joined the forces for a special introduction of music.
From a shimmering silence the sound comes in like a smoke machine producing smoke before a theatrical production. Warm tones come in to swirl softly like an alien vessel with sparkling lights. Everything is generating a certain mystique that mixes Sci-fi with warm experimental flowing ambient drone. Before the ears will get used to the smoke and mystery a sound comes that plays a melody that sounds like the emperor of midnight radio himself has arrived with an epic theme song.

Schroedinger’s Cat’s contribution is a perfect fit as it keeps the atmosphere atmospheric and for some reason comes across as middle eastern. A lost traveler that jams on a guitar in the mysterious evening light while seductive beauty’s sing their hymns over the hot hills of a lonely dessert.

The third track that the ears will meet is done by Ferryman. it is the first flow of the more experimental works on this compilation and choses to channel it’s art wisely through an authentic but strange Lo-fi soundscape. There is a very soft slow beat in the back but it’s mostly listening to pure pleasurable strangeness. Old rusty stretched out doors, soft muffled iron and things that are unrecognizable but yet very much together. It’s a strange place that the artist has created over here, but not a bad one to hang around in.

‘Lady of Shallot’ by Desh Alb also provides a world made out of sound. But here everything is erased from its dark and grim tones and comes across as a artificial intelligence generated wonderful dream of generated and downloaded nature, beauty and scientific forms of happiness.

44’s Passing Lights has more beauty for our music loving souls. It takes a very relaxed and minimal approach with a wet slow rhythm and a a pretty (but lonely) synth string that flys careless in the hollow emptiness. It’s a moment of rest and outer peace and it’s appreciated.

Jahzzar is the next artist and brings a track named ‘we were kings’ and sounds like an experiment to see if acousmatic prettiness is comparable with electric and experimental elements. The result goes from being sucked in one flavor next to another. From vagueness, to heavy dancing, to loopy jazz, whips and an almost comical showcase of movement. An experiment of fun really!

Christian Doil’s work starts what sounds like churchbells that for some reason made me think of a grave yard rather than a wedding. There are birds singing in the depth and a certain darkness that covers the sound like a black blanket. A mysterious woman yell, footprints in the shadow and tiny sparkles are a few elements that form this warm doomed drone ambient.

Shava Sadhana is proving to be a proper expert in building up and keeping the tension high. The weapon of choice is done with what sounds like an analog synthesizer that keeps everything clean cut and electronic while creating a mysterious story telling atmosphere.

On track number ten we hear 03 by Ishtar. A beautiful and petite honest sounding piano composition, that goes by oh so quickly.

‘Love is just a dog from hell’ by PTSD goes for a more secure moment of banging the head on a stomping four stepper with nasty synth work down at the bottom, a bad ass simple yet effective melody, an irresistible beat and accenting cymbals.. What does a midnight radio session need more?

Perhaps ‘another dimension’? Fjornoft is one who delivers exactly that; a work made to walk around in and wonder and ponder. It’s a mysterious place that feels as it just had woken up and still has a layer of morning dew on its synthetic sounds. A pretty moment to dream away in.

‘The nature of reality’ by Ade Hodges is like listening to a fatamorgana guided by an expert that happens to walk around in another dream state. Its very light weight and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is either the moment to wake up relaxed or enter a very deep and relaxed sleep.

Amino is trying to change our path in this dream state by giving us a pair of footsteps to follow into a realization that we might enter in the rhythmic flavors of a fancy nightmare. Everyone we see is snapping their fingers and it’s all jazz in a highly robotic dance way that slowly opens up with inescapable warmth. This groovy nightmare is a total pleasure to be trapped in.

But Aires – orgânico I – vozes sem corpo is perhaps a slight different story. This is a bit darker, yet very surreal and comes across as a trip that you will be stuck in for at least thirteen minutes of your life. Some things clutter in the background while dronish ambient tones set the trend of a feverish world that tends to be on the edge of beautiful and darkness.

Of Ambient’s Blue Light has an almost classic feel over it. It’s electronic with a feel good melody and structure that transports the mind to a nice afternoon chilling out on a beach. You can hear the seagulls and the breaking waves appearing through the relaxed theme of sunshine.

The Ambient Light’ brings it’s in your face dream rock with pretty guitar elements, softness and yet fueled energy that makes me feel like this might be a great track for surfers on top of their game. It has youthfulness and a fine flow to give the listener that extra push in the right direction.

Jesper Sorensen’s contribution to this compilation is a real pleasure to hear. Light as a feather and yet very skilled in its composing ways we can hear music that would suit a movie about a Japanese tea house as well as being on top of some Spanish hill and oversee the beautiful view.

Symmetry’s awakening is a bit weird, it has this dusty sound of soft bonus hiss that shines through the relaxed acoustic music mixed with dramatic slow strings a song of no return. It has a feeling of certain sadness and totally sinking in it like a lemming that jumps of a rock in a breathtaking location.

Corvus Mukuro Project brings in a sleepy moment with a whispering voice on a Lo-fi sounding guitar that wants to sound dark but leaves the curtains open to shine some moonlight through. It’s a bit weird, but you might like that kind of thing especially when the music features a piano.

Inhumanis Isolationist is here to stomp and stamp its loud procession of footsteps like a Godzilla between all the ambient friendliness. It’s a moment that wakes up the internal noises who then twirl around quickly like monkeys that are driven by anarchy. A nice moment of energy that is enforced slow; but bombastically.

matsui kazuto’s past brings noises of the dark that crisper and move around our ears as we are surrounded by forest like wonders that are perhaps beautiful, but also quite possible are well willing to eat us alive. There is warmth and enough glare to be enjoying this imaginative walk through a bizarre audio infested world.

Mental Escape Pod takes it easier on our minds, like a lifesaving music producer that slowly puts our ears on the wrong track by slipping into the zones of a phantom whose life is slipping away.
It’s a slow death, a peace that keeps us half way on our seat but with a good ending for us, and perhaps not such a great one for our phantom friend.

Skarred Kage/ Relevant Mockery sets the place on a nasty crackling fire by pushing the boundaries of distortion in yet a refined way. There is enough strangeness that could come out of a technoid nightmare to discover, but everything seems to be annihilated in a form of jazz industrial metal rock bizarreness. It’s all over the place but at the same time keeps us all together listening like feared bunnies trapped in a corner waiting for a pair of platform boots to step on our tails. You think my description is weird? Hear the goddamn music!

Rainer Schaltz comes in and takes almost 23 minutes of precious time on this compilation. The artist has plenty of it and is not afraid to use it to put us in some kind of audio world that hangs between silence and minimalism. It made me check the speakers a few times to see if they actually worked or that they had said ‘goodbye’ and switched off. It’s an intensive sit through that might result in a moment of sleep. The ending might have been spectacular but for some reason I had never made it that far..

Blakkr Nið ‘s When The Moon Went Black is like listening to a werewolf that plays a song on its muffled lo-fi guitar to the moon that isn’t there to shine. You can feel the werewolf’s loss while playing the raw instrument in the middle of the dark, dark night.

the tinopener’s art is suddenly throwing in a complete style in this drowned mood of the middle of the night. Here we are suddenly industrial dancing like cyber zombies on a perfect laid out track that has everything to keep us high tek and awake!

Joost Egelie is another artist that takes the time to present his work. His ‘Embark’ is more than 16 minutes long and could be a brother in sound of the earlier heard Mental Escape Pod. It’s very minimal, mysterious, lots of silence, slow movement. It is a thing you would expect on an alternative late night show seducing the listeners with soft dark noises that form a welcoming bed for slight nightmares. It gets more beautiful and electronic as time passes, introducing synths that gives it a more positive swing and would certainly cater the synth lovers by enforcing perhaps more pretty lightweight dreams.

Zalys brings a moment of new wave drone ambient that is like a warm floating dream that can only be described as a goddess of electric beauty. A Really relaxing and pretty piece of music.

M.Nomized’s The World Of Liburnum is the very last track on this gigantic compilation. We hear a voice talking about a mysterious phone call. Underneath it we can hear the artist introducing its spaced out world of strange adventurous theatric movie sounds. It’s an exciting piece that will leave our ears begging to receive more of this midnight radio.

Get this amazing compilation of mostly experimental ambient and strange midnight music over at the following link. It’s completely free and mysteriously good!

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