Knight in Mourning – Pour More

Artist: Knight in Mourning
title: Pour More
keywords: alternative gritty pop rock orchestral style, video

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?

Out of nowhere there she was, a picture straight imprinted in the brain of a girl sitting on a trunk of a fallen tree. Might this be the appearance of Nica Statman? Nica who had written and performed a song while her hands played the synths like it was an extension of her soul? Nica who as the front of ‘Knight in Mourning’ will push us from our regular normal day routine into a unexpected psychedelic love trip?

The song that you are reading about is Produced and channeled by Daniel Chironno & this Nica Statman, Mixed and Mastered by the powers of the universe and Daniel Chironno. It will surprise our regular viewers a great deal, especially when the music meets this amazing visualization produced by kaleido maniac & video magic creator; Zoe Rose Lambert.

It’s like a deep plunge from this steady appearance of the still picture above, into a mind opening wonderful lucid audiovisual acid trip. But it’s one magical dive you simply don’t want to miss!

It’s an experience of love, falling in love with love by going through the fragmentations of psychedelic love through the love of sound and the love for magical layers of third dimensions where everything is beautifully strange, attractive, beautiful, meaningful and in sync with the universe.

..Well, that was just my opinion. Someone else might end up in a bad trip, but it seems unlikely as it’s more like a matrix moment that we are writing up too over here. It’s like take the blue pill to go back to your boring office job or click the video and put the sound up to simply leave this reality for a swim in another (surreal) reality.

Yes, this is not just a music video clip on YouTube, this is a portal to another dimension. Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well here’s your chance to gain some experience:

Holy smokes! Give us more of this!!

If you like what you have heard, seen & experienced, than be supportive and visit the online homes of Knight in Mourning over at the following links:


And (for the music!) most importantly the ‘Knight in Mourning’ bandcamp account. The place where you can actually download the song featured in the ‘video’ above:

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