Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli – Untitled

artist: Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli
title: Untitled
cat: SPFD01
format: Floppy Disk (limited edition of 10, wrapped in toilet paper)
keywords: abstract, drone, spoken word, electronic, non-music
label: SP  http://www.sprecordings.com/
words by: Fred Oppy

In the category of pure nostalgia is this classic floppy diskette split by Flat Affect and Jason “Evil” Covelli. It’s one of the very first floppy releases that the SP Records had released and that’s why it always gets this tear in my eye going on when picking the disk up and watch it a bit.

I know that must be a bit weird for some people. But I do actually have this special dolls bed (it is very tiny) and in there under miniature sheets on a mini size pillow on top of a micro mattress this precious floppy release sleeps every night. I keep it next to my bed so I can keep an eye on it every day, sometimes I have conversations with it; most times I don’t. But still it doesn’t happen often that I feel like picking it up and admiring it in the soft candle light.
But when I do it hits me how beautiful this (to me) special floppy is.

What a shape, what a good size, what a great weight and a heart of gold! Well not really gold or even a heart because a floppy is in most cases a bit like the thin man from the wizard of Ozz. It is heartless and goes wherever it takes to get a heart.

But in a certain way this beautiful floppy (that is still surrounded by the warmth of its original packaging) has a heart. Two in fact as within this floppy wrapped in a piece of caring toilet paper is the art made by two artists who never disappoint in standing 100% for what they do, say and create. These two artists function as the heart and soul for this floppy and it flows through their delivered tracks so beautifully, it always makes me cry from being over sentimental.

Even now trying to type to you I am on the edge of a flow of tears. This floppy, always there for me when I needed it the most. Always close, always a good word and never ever complains about me snoring too hard or dropping a uncontrollable tear on its toilet paper wrap.

Yes I consider this floppy as a true close friend. Perhaps my best friend!
It has never ever been judgmental never sad a bad word and when everything stinks rotten and sour I go to this floppy for advice and happiness. When life events puts me down and society thinks that I’m a clown; I do not just pick this floppy up, I play it! It goes in my floppy drive and our come the sounds that flourish up all the bad outside vibes and replace it with a good word from a weirdo to a weirdo by Jason “Evil” Covelli and lift me up with the uplifting sound captured, created and unleashed by Flat Affect.

These two sides of a coin; or in this case two sides of a floppy split are my cure for every situation. It makes me think of this idea of moving into that floppy house with Flat Affect. It would be so much fun to live in a house completely made out of floppies. I’m just a bit afraid that the roof will not be waterproof and that the weather might actually destroy the floppy walls, floppy doors, floppy windows, floppy chairs, floppy kitchen, floppy tiles and floppy everything.. But than again in the middle of all this failure I would pick up this floppy split by Jason “Evil” Covelli & Flat Affect and listen until all troubles fade away, accepting the weirdness with “Evil” and embracing the uplifting sound of Flat Affect. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you have a floppy friend like this by your side.

I heard that this best friend in life has brothers and sisters. 9 of them! I have no idea where they are or ended up, but if you ever come across a floppy wrapped in toilet tissue do not just shrug your shoulder and wipe your bottom with it as who knows you might just found your best friend too!
(If interested you might check and hunt them through a site like discogs, or ask around.. If there is a will, there is always a way! )
Don’t you dare stealing my floppy!!


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