Vulva – Vulva

Artist: Vulva
title: Vulva
keywords: punk, garage, garage punk, noise, punk rock
reviewer: Mark X

Hello and welcome! No, no don’t be scared, it’s Vulva time. Vulva will show us around with open Vulva arms, but first Vulva has to empty the Vulva bladder.
This is not a wasted Vulva moment as Vulva records every drop of Vulva urine to form the Vulva ‘intro’ track for this self-titled Vulva release. Recycling is the best thing, right?! Vulva knows what’s best..

After the Vulva pee we can enter the sounds of Vulva. This Vulva is quite loud, quick and to the special Vulva points.
From rough Vulva punk assaults Vulva can slip as easily in a Vulva surf tune that tickles itself pleasurable; especially when Vulva trashes the Vulva surfers by smashing their non-Vulva heads in with pure Vulva power! Vulva violence; sounds pretty good, right?

More sides of Vulva can be explored on this Vulva release. Vulva can scream with two Vulva voices at the same time, one deep and the other more higher up, but both sound as fanatic Vulva maniacs that even give the Vulva punk more Vulva spunk than it already had. That’s how Vulva is and that’s what Vulva does..

From clean cut Vulva, raw shaven Vulva and hysterically loud Vulva this Vulva even manages to push the Vulva volume more up and gives enough raw Vulva energy to grow Vulva hair. The Vulva drums are being beaten up and the Vulva guitars are almost like a wall of Vulva noise, whiteout losing its Vulva guitar sounds. Vulva’s Vulva is like a beast that can only be tamed by Vulva ; but the brewing energy can be felt by all. It’s a Vulva thrill, really. But hey, that’s how Vulva is..

Vulva not only rocks but can even at time sounds volcanic. The guitars are rocking this Vulva and the vocals of the Vulva voices are angry, mean and awesome. The dirty Vulva laugh at the end of the Vulva tune #esdemostros is worth a Vulva nightmare.

The Vulva EP by Vulva is gone before you know it, but after emptying the Vulva bladder one more time at the ‘outro’ you can always play with this Vulva’s Vulva again.

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